What did you do to your kart today?

Mello Yello looks fabulous! How does she drive?

New Kartstand Rubber

Chain Guide and Chain Mocked up

New Tie Rod Ends

Start on 420cc Engine. We have a few to build.

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I miss seeing the OTK M6 lawn dart of a nose fairing. It just looks so much better than all these new large wide fairings. The triangular shape just looks fast!

Kart looks great all around!

Thanks clayton !! She is a beauty! That was a proper comeback yea!!


Not wrenching on the kart but I did just bring home the new rig last night. Should be picking up a kart for the season this week.


well dom lets see it now i had it still warm in my mind .

chassis wise i was at otk baseline set up and the kart was very good . maybe some littlle bit hooping on the exit at a speedy right hand turn but not bad , i can say enjoyable .

the tires make me very happy it was the first time i was running on sweet new like vega greens and the pressure 0.7 bar was my best bet , after lap 1 they start to grip and after lap 2 they give so much grip and i was not believe it that this can happend , my push to the limit was bellow them in that first practice and i can cleary see that i have a lot more room for pushing more and get better times .

in the first session i was something like 51 sec laptimes . then i get 2 gears teeth up on the rear sprocket and in the 3 and 4 session i was in 49 sec best lap time .

in session 5 we try to lean a little bit and go from 155 to 152 main jet an the carb settings and set up the carb needle at the leaner position . went back out there and the engine was more crispy and alive in all the close sections of the race track .

checking the stop watch with that i was in 48.25 best lap , but i had a little lag when i was reopening the throttle after the brakes so its something i need to check and cure .

spak plug seems healthy readings . engine temps was 52 to 56 with 3 ducktape stripes on the radiator covered . And the feeling i get from the kart is that it has some more potential to go faster and i was not ready to push harder in that practice . next time we will see !!!

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Made a lot of progress on the new kart.

I agonized over mounting the seat and got it mostly OK. We’ll see. This kart came with KG Seat struts which were all round…and a pain to bend without risking damaging them so I just robbed the flat OTK ones from my Tony-Kart and that worked out pretty well (and are a hell of a lot easier to manipulate). I’m waiting on a new Reed Cage Stuffer to come in but otherwise all that I need to do is clamp up some hoses, do an alignment, do a nut & bolt, fill up some fluids and I’ll be off to CMP this weekend to break in the top end and play with setup on this kart.


Looks good! Based on the challenges you described with the seat struts, it may be helpful to move the engine back more. You’ve got quite a bit of travel left, and it will give you more clearance between the pipe and seat strut.

Thanks! Yea, the engine is not even fully clamped down and it will very likely move back quite a bit more.

On my Tony-Kart it was always run with 2 struts on the left and only one on the right (that’s how Kart-Sport mounted the Jecko on that kart years ago, didn’t seem to cause any issue) so I decided to just go ahead and give it a go on this kart. I’m going to grab a 2nd OTK pre-bent strut just in case though.

My preferred way to bend and shape oval or round struts is a good ol’ dead blow hammer, and a couple wood blocks on the ground. A vice or adjustable wrench for getting the flanges adjusted. A couple years ago at Rok Vegas I managed to fit an extra 2 oval struts (on a single bolt) on the engine side in addition to the pre-bent adjustable strut that was on there, it was tight.


Yea, the tabs are easy enough to bend. I’ll give it a go on the dead-blow Idea with two blocks on the ground. I really didn’t spend too much time on them before deciding to take 30 seconds to pull the ones off my OTK. :sweat_smile:

Tweaked the setup and drove my old shifter again at Orlando, and decided to do a 4 lap time attack a little later in the day like the old SKUSA qualifying. I was able to get a 47.69 and a 47.68 back to back on lap 3 and 4. I was on MG yellows from 4 months ago (not the new compound from what I understand). The laps in the video are low 48’s on worn tires during my first session.


That looks awesome. Having been around that track in low Hp, it’s neat to see shifter approach.


I am still “infected” by my tillotson line. I think more point and shoot will be quicker yet.

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Holy crap! Things happen fast in a shifter. The best I was able to do in the rental karts was a mid 1:11 while dodging slower drivers on my third session ever at OKC. I was really wishing I had my 206 kart so I could lap faster.


I found these tubes of what appears to be P-80. If it only takes a little to set the beads of the tires, I’m good with $11.95 for a tube I’ll never be able to use up rather than 30.00 for a liter that my grandkids might finish off… (and I don’t have any grandkids!)

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I hear you… I ended up repackaging the D75 into Tupperware and have it to a dozen people at the club.

After a year of sitting on the side lines. We’re back!

Making a change and going back to the Fluroescent machines!


If I didn’t make the swap to OTK I’d be on one of those! Loved my 3.0

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I’m excited to give it a try again. Oliver Hodgson has been really quick and it’s a plus he and Compkart are 10min from my house :slight_smile: