What did you do to your kart today?

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Bummer. It sucks that it is so common. One of the reasons I switched. I just don’t think OTKs last long at anything over junior weight.

Isn’t that a newer chassis for you?

What sold you on it? Overall review?

Started with putting my sons stickers on the kart, my other sons kart hopefully tomorrow. Had to cut the sides pod stickers since these were the old ones, but it worked.


I’ve been running masters as of late and I think it’s just too much weight for an OTK. I just overwork the kart running 125cc and 380-390ish pounds. I know others out there can make it work and be fast, but I would pop that seat strut in the same exact spot in a couple of weekends then it was inevitable the lefthand side seat strut would go soon after.

Also, “baseline” OTK never worked for me. It’s always tossing a different bar at, then an axle, then different caster pills, then trying the slotted steering shaft, and maybe going with the 1B spindles. I hardly know anyone under the tent I used to run with that ran the kart as it came out of the box.

So far with my Compkart I’m running baseline with a couple of small tweaks like changing position on the stub axles and in the short time I’ve been running it I’ve sat on pole and been winning races. It’s been set-it and forget-it. Actually most of the time I get talked down from making changes and told to just drive. I tend to get caught up in making setup changes (and thinking about if that change made a difference while driving) versus just getting after it driving so it’s been a great change of pace.

Justin and Oliver with J3 have been awesome help so far and it’s nice getting to talk directly to the guys in charge versus being 6 degrees separated from someone at OTK.


Mounted the seat in youngest boys kart. Can you tell he loves greeen?

Picked up the new kart for older boy. Got the engine mounted.


Oooh I see an opportunity for a “Joker” theme livery/suit combo…

Frank Millers take:


Battery upgrades on all of the karts in house


Pre practice tests on copperhead roads for the rotax tony kart

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That is not really an ideal battery for karting.

They are only rated at 15A peak discharge current, so you may find that it doesn’t start that well or could even damage the internal BMS trying to dump larger currents from it momentarily.

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thanks Mark ! i will check it

I finished getting my kart ready for the summer. I had to have my axle straightened after a hit last year. Also, I went ahead and replaced the bearings too. My front bumper had taken quite a bit of abuse, so I replaced it and then wrapped the bodywork with some cheap eBay vinyl. It looks good, we’ll see how well it holds up😂.


that is remind me of the white charger , the norton rotary , winning bike of steeve hislop at the isle of man , at the year 1991 . indeed sir !


Stripping and swapping LN frames. 25 race weekends on the frame on the stand. 3 race weekends on the frame on the floor. Unfortunately the 3 race frame had a very small bend in the C Hub that I could not get fixed last year. Carried it to Thiago while I was wrenching at USPKS this weekend and he got it cleaned up. So neither frame is perfect, but it’s the horse he has for most of the rest of this year. We will likely be switching from OTK to CRG, TB, or FA next year depending on tent we are under.

Also having to repair our cracked seat because the replacement is stuck on back order with Mondo. Never had an issue with them until now. Can’t get them to respond and cancel and it doesn’t say when it will ship. Fortunately I am not afraid of some fiberglass work and a seat bottom doesn’t have to be pretty!


have you sent them e mail in customer support adress ? they always help me but only from this way !

@Stamatis125, Thank you for that info. I have only messaged them in the order communication entry at the bottom of the order details page. I just sent something to the customer support email, which was a PITA to find. :man_shrugging:

It was diffficult t9 find but they always answer from there ! Just wait and see…

Threw a 507 on my Redspeed


Tear down and clean from coaching the other night. Getting prepped for Rotax Texas race next weekend. :cowboy_hat_face:


What’s a 507? Many letters etc.