What did you do to your kart today?

Sponsor him Peroni! Italian kart and beers!

Plus, it will pass tech with zero alcohol. :rofl:

Doh! Did not notice that. I take it back, TJ deserves better.

I just got some Peroni last week, but that was gone quick. Not bad.

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More to come…

Andre Lafond qualifies Rebel Scum Racing 2nd overall. Congrats to our hot shoe!


Just a small update what is going on in my racing :smile:
New chassis is now delayed due to Italians having to long pasta pauses and its currently on painting stage…
Race on friday to sunday this weekend. Did some pre race testing today (engine me and my builder built all winter) i was 0.872 faster then everybody on whole group. I dont know why or what is making me go so fast. Being 1 thenth faster then my lap record on brqnd new tires middle of summer.

For this year im still staying as a factory driver for swedish ipk. But i have a new mechanic with more experience and dad can just watch now conpared to before he still helped a bit so its going to be only a fresh cold beer for him and talk s#it with other dads…

So hey thats it still running my engine biz and atarted my own company within car care business


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New softer seat in the Tilly


Not today, but over the weekend, I finally got around to mounting up my rain tires. I made some modifications to my bead-breaker over the winter that I was excited to test out. The original handle bent on me so i replaced it with some angled steel. Then, I welded up this little hub that works as a wheel holder for tire mounting. It needs some fine tuning but it did make life a little easier.


Going to a new home. Getting stripped and cleaned from the weekend.

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Another Compkart coming in? Switching brands again?

Yes sir! I couldn’t be more happy with the kart and support. I’ll be putting in my order for a new one this week!

If any of the Compkart guys lurk around here seriously big thanks to everyone from owner, drivers, and every mechanic. It’s been nothing but a fun couple months working with all of them.


Made some small front end setup changes (added some positive camber) and did maintenance to the kart. Should be ready for saturday night.



Looks sharp! What are you trying to combat with positive camber? More point in?

Honestly, just get the front end down in the track a bit more. Specifically in the 2nd class when running nearly back to back it gives up a touch near the end of the stint. I think just using more of the tire will help manage it a bit better.

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Loaded up the Swift Karting and Fabrication 000 machine, Ready to hit the track for Saturdays night race with OVKA.

Also, reviewed some data earlier finding a few spots to improve.


Well it was a bad Wednesday.

We complete the piston exchange and the clutch upgrade on my vortex engine and fire it up .

It worked really alive but we notice a new metal sound in low revs that didn’t fit the profile of a healthy motor .

Engine back on the bench and the findings was not good . 2 gears from the gearbox is in bad shape and as they worked they touch the gearbox room wall . It all starts coz the previous owner had remove the countershaft …

Throw all those years in racing i had accept the fact that if you are always budget buy second hand equipment because the new ones is too expensive you better be ready for some surprises.

Gonna be montokart order next payroll ??
Yes .

Gonna loose this months practice session ??
Yes indeed …

Gonna be heavy and hard on the gas?? Or better im gonna drop the hammer on my mellow yello after the repairs ???
Yep .

I need a southern comfort on ice . Some laughs in kartpulse and im good to go baby . Thats racing .

My friend goros from Cincinnati always tells me when im find my self grumble .

"When money talks , bullshit walks smile :smiley: "

Sorry to hear that! :smiling_face_with_tear:
Southern comfort and mellow yellow on ice?

As a friend you sould sent me a six pack of them .
Im gonna pay the export expenses and the taxes off course.

Paramount Network Cowboy GIF by Yellowstone

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Bad day medication sponsor. :rofl:
Maybe Mellow Yellow and Ouzo?
Can you get Mellow Yellow in Greece?

Nop … we have 50 different ouzo brands , but no mello yello racing fluid here …