What did you do to your kart today?

I’ve spent a lot of time getting this chassis where it is, and it seems decent in comparison to the new stuff.

I’d need to put a modern engine on it to know how close or far off it is. I have a 401rr tony with a tillotson on it that feels much more “plush”, but that could just be the effect of the mellow engine.

All that said, I bested 10 or so modern karts with KZ engines, so you can make up more with driving and good chassis tuning knowledge than anywhere else, no matter what year your kart was built.


Cleaning the halfs crankcase side and preparation for the measurements.

Had to start writing down the parts list i need for the service and the missing parts on that .

The sidlers list …smile !

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For fun I’ll share my observation with Mods and KZ\ICC. In my case it was road racing for the most part.

What I found what that the strongest mods could equal the KZ at peak power, but over a narrower rev range and less overrev. The other thing I found was the compression braking with the moto was higher. The KZ had by far much better transition response which makes sense given the carb size (Usually 30 on the KZ and 38 on the mod moto). A rubbered up track I think that’s where the KZ had the upper hand, better transition response coming out of turns, less bucking. Which is a roundabout way of saying I found the KZ easier to drive.

The other thing I found with the mods is when they were set to kill, they could in theory go longer than a KZ between services, buy they tended to not hold together as long. Cracked cylinder jugs one one thing I remember.

So I moved to a KZ which for me which makes sense being from Europe and all that.
The TCO was better, overall more reliable and a little easier to tune.


thats a sweet ride over there . it has a lot of work time on it and you can clearly see it .

I think i find my contact on Robs face when i will be ready money wise to step up in shifter category , always aiming for a honda cr 125 engine in my right side of my chassis .

I was always the kid with the small amound of pocket money on my racing pages-life and i do enjoy this short of exitment and small win flavours with a project and efforts like robs , when i see them happens .


Solid progress on the 224 Kosmic tonight after a long winter off. Back on track Sunday at Pitt Race.


Οκ testing for nicks tony rotax is over . She is readyy for her first trackday afrer rebuild. I have to wait some more to see my kosmic vortex ready to rock but i will go with him as a wrench man and for sure i will have the opportunity to drive his kart and see from the seat view what we have done together as a team .

Im not comfortable when i am driving another drivers kart . But what the hell i am the harry hog of the team in here , so i have the right to see how things going on the car at list one time …

Spare dollars in our pocket is almost enough for a trackday before the month change .

O lord thank you for show me racing so i can have a smiling get out of my bed everimorning amen


I’m gonna need to google this.


  • “Rubbin’, son, is racin’,” or so said Harry Hogge to a worldwide audience in the summer of 1990, when NASCAR was a niche, regional sport that had yet to pique much mainstream interest. Tom Cruise was into it, though, and that was good enough.

Duvall character?

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Yep duval my favorite

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Maybe I should role play him when I am acting as Rebel Scum Team principal.

I will need some good quotes to hit Andre and Elias with so it sounds like I am a good team captain.

I can help i know all the role !!

Ok when your driver is on the loose and hits everything and everyone inside the track .
When he gets out and pit . Go straight on him and tell him …

" go again but this time i want you to hit the pace car !!

He will question you what for ???

And you will tell .

Because you hit everithing alse inside the . And i want you to be perfect !!

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@Stamatis125 For your garage cork board
Find the guest star

Paddocs bike almost ready

Yeah who needs bearings anyways.

ChChanging the fuel lines on nick kart with better stuff from mondo . That is a quality one .

Very durable from the cheap ones and no so expensive as rotax ones

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The best stuff if you can afford it is Tygon, but normally fuel line is cheap enough and lasts long enough I’ve normally sold and bought a new kart before it goes bad :upside_down_face:

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Noted! I can see its something that has reach the greek market . Thanks clayton !

Very pretty purple, I’m doing blue myself

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Took out my steering column.
I bent it the other day hitting a barrier trying to get through a chicane as close as possible to do it perfect.
I was a little to close…


Looks like mine after rock island :laughing:

Top end service on nicks rotax after trackday .
We have lost the piston at the 8 session because of a lean floats set .

3 isnt enough if you go full gas a lot of the time …

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