What do you do in the offseason

As my first offseason is coming up, I thought it would be appropriate to create a discussion about it. I now wonder how I ever lived without karting, and I’m dreading the 6 month break. What do you guys do to keep you from going insane in the winter? I’ll wrap the question up here because I’m hoping for a variety of answers. All ideas are welcome.

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Sim race and get fat :beers:


Well I am permanently in off-season.

Here in the UK however karting is all-year round for those who do race. How bad does the winter get where you are?

Sim. Take a trip somewhere to kart. Do indoor rentals and cry a lot. Make muscles.

@tjkoyenn please teach me how to get fat!

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In the Mid Atlantic region of the US (the center east-coast states), it’s 95ºF in the summer and 25ºF in the winter + snow. So, pretty cold.

Plenty of beer and cheese for us Wisconsinites. We’re out of commission for racing from October to April basically, unless you travel for bigger races.

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I have some capital and if I can make the numbers work (Thinking of offering rentals)… this could be happening in MN from Jan-March

Soooooo what layout do we want?


That looks pretty good, actually.

Serious question, does it get so cold in MN that your fuel freezes?

James, where will the ice fishers and their huts go?

They are worth 5 pts each. If you can take out a hut, that’s worth 10 pts. If fisherman is in hut, 3X multiplier.


Save money. We used to race RC cars in the winter but they’re just as expensive as racing karts.


They’re on the other part of the lake, the deep part. Track is on a shallower section that the ice fishers don’t want.

Looks like gas freezes anything between -40 and -200f depending on composition. I haven’t frozen the gas in my snowblower yet. A little prist in there would cure it I’d say.

-40 is in the cards at least for International Falls. I would imagine diesel is not that popular.

Exercise, sim racing, work on sponsorship for the following season. Plus, the occasional practice day

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Sine racing, plan out what I want to find at the swap meets, go to local indoor racing tracks

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Unfortunately, can’t get fat, as much as my mechanic wants me to (240 lb kart). Any good sim xbox games? Don’t have a pc

I live in New England so pretty bad. Gets to 0 degrees Fahrenheit

Those all sound good to me! I’ve got some nice indoor stuff near me. I’ll have to kick some noobies butts. I heard that rentals can help with passing.

I would say your best bet would be Forza (not any of the horizons) or the new F1 game. These aren’t as good as iRacing, but they are better than your typical arcade racer.


Unfortunately I can’t have beer yet🤷‍♂️