What do you use to clean your kart?

I’ve had overspray from tri flow, WD 40, Inox, suspension cleaner and more I even had to do a gloveless axle change in which my oily fingers got all over the disc, would I recommend it, no. Every time I just wiped it off with brake cleaner and had no issues.

Now if it gets on the pads that’s an issue but typically they are protected by the caliper and I make sure not to spray anything oily directly around the brake area if I can help it.

Also one thing I found helps is cleaning the rotor with brake cleaner after every session, especially during races. I also occasionally use 1500 wet dry sandpaper and gently scuff up the rotor and then clean it, typically I do this when the pads are on there way out to give it some extra bite.

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This is my process:

Engine off after each day.
Degreaser on engine/wipe down
Go back over engine with brake cleaner
Degreaser on chassis (i found it works better than wd40)
Degreaser on plastics
Wd40 in bearings and lube where necessary.
SC1 on all the chrome and plastics

I just want to contribute and say how much i love SC1. @Eric_Gunderson1 turned me on to it from this thread actually and its the stuff of genius. Magic in a can! Lol

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Isn’t the stuff amazing?!

The amsoil miracle wash is also good but requires a two step process

Dude its so good! Tell me about this triflow stuff for bearings. Currently im using wd40 and dealing with puddles on the ground after lubing the bearings.

I don’t think wd-40 provides much lubrication, triflow is better but still recommend frequent application.

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must be 20. !@#$%^&*(

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Tri flow is a very polarizing lubricant.

Personally I love it, but I know many “pros” who hate it.

When you talk to bearing people, they swear against any lubricants other than high temp grease or very special lubricants in or near the bearings.

Personally, between races I remove the hubs from the spindle, clean the surface thoroughly, lightly apply WD40, and then wipe it until it’s a light film. From there I put a few small sprays of tri flow and run the hub on the spindle back and forth until it glides smooth. I wipe up the excess and reassemble.

This keeps the spindle cleaner longer, as spindles left unlubricated develop “heat grooves” where the bearings run. The bearings get hot and expand, then contract and this over time works a groove into the spindle. It’s not a big deal but eventually ruins the spindle and it also has to affect parasitic drag.

I personally love the stuff. The best way I can describe it is it’s like liquid graphite. It was initially developed for the cycling industry but I think it’s more commonly available now.

I mostly use Dawn dishwashing soap and water, then Maxima SC-1 “New Bike in a Can” to shine it up. For really persistent grease and stains, I use a little bit of 87 octane gasoline because it’s more capable than anything less toxic and less toxic than anything more capable.

For bearings, I recommend Mobil Centaur 461, NLGI1 calcium sulfonate grease, completely waterproof and heat-resistant, and lighter than the #2 grease used in most wheel bearings.

Using SC-1 is a pro move

The bearings on my kart are metal sealed on both sides. Without destroying the shield I see no way to get decent amount of Grease into them.

How much friction reduction do people think/know they are getting?

The balls are really supposed to roll between the inner and outer races with the lubrication/grease to help with heat. If the lubrication causes skidding, then that will wear out the race or ball and make the bearing worse. Yes?

I’m a big fan of motul shine and go. It’s a little bit too much of a good smell if that makes sense, if it blows in your face it definitely has a distinct smell.

I’ve found it provides good protection and water repellency. A friend started to spray my rims with it and it definitely kept them cleaner.

Also a big fan of motul chain clean, I buy the stuff by the box load and use a cheap detail brush to clean all the crud off. Maxima suspension clean is very good also. Smells like skittles!

Industrial degreaser, pressure washer, and toothbrush

Kerosene in a pump sprayer mixed with a little bit of 2- stroke oil.
If I clean stuff which is not messed up with chain lube the I use water with Mr. Clean in a pump bottle.
I used to use WD40 but I rather spend that $$$ on new tires. Kerosene is available on the pump at Fleet farm.

My chassis and decals are all ceramic coated so they wipe off easy with a damp rag or a waterless car wash and a microfiber. Mothers R3 rubber remover is a last resort on stuck on rubber. If there’s something with a lot of grease I wipe 90% of it off with a dry shop rag (preferably while it’s still warm) then hit it with diluted chemical guys APC, a brush, then some DI water to neutralize the APC.

I steam my engine, brakes, bumper brackets, radiator, seat and anything else that the heat won’t hurt. Triflow the bearings frequently.

I’m a hobby detailer so I use the same principals cleaning karts…start with the least aggressive option. It’s also cheaper than some of the chemical options.