What engine do i have? Need help, no spark!

I have no clue what engine i have. Im also getting no spark. I am handy with a voltmeter. please help me out.

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Either a 100cc or a 125cc IAME . On the bottom of the carb it should have HL 384 “A” or “B” stamped. The 100cc was A and the 125cc B. At least that is how I understand it.

As for the spark, it looks like it was sitting in the weather and needs some cleaning up. WD40 and a scotchbrite pad may help.

Probably a 125cc. Would need to measure bore to be 100% certain. I just went down this road. You need to clean up the stator and magneto. Also, try to get a 12v battery to test with. It looks like you are using a charger to attempt to start it?

Check this page. K71 maybe?

Looks like it may be any Easykart combo based on what I can see from the chassis and engine?



Just cleaned it up. It cleaned up nice. still no spark. How much voltage should i be getting to the coil (blue wire)? also i have it hooked to a car battery and i put a jumper box on just for reassurance. The kart has been sitting in a storage box for 10+ years.

I think it’s an easy kart as well. I just picked one up and this engine runs hard, harder than I expected to be honest.


If I recall correctly the spark is powered by the stator\generator on the engine and the battery is only used to crank the engine over to start it.

The engine will have to be turned over fast enough to generate a spark. 750RPM comes to mind (From memory) So if the starting system is not quite up to it, you may not see a spark. Check voltage drop at battery when cranking.

You can check the resistance of the stator and coil, however I don’t have any reference numbers I’m afraid. If you have an oscilloscope you could scope the signals too.

Definitely an EasyKart aka air-cooled Leopard.

could you do me a favor and see what the voltage is at the coil? if we have the same voltage then i am 99% sure its the powerpack.

I checked for voltage as requested and there were 0 volts on that wire. I am in agreement with James, the engine should run independent of the “box” or starter harness. The last page of the doc I linked shows the wiring as well.

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Definitely an Easy Kart and can almost guarantee your issue is with the ignition box you are holding there. They barely worked when they were new - the original Leopards used the same system and were notorious for failure.

Kind of shocked (pun intended) you got it to turn over at all honestly. :smiley:

Get your hands on an external starter and it’ll probably fire right up.

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Thankfully mine works fine. What exactly was the fail point on these? I am asking in the event I did have a problem. I don’t see many components that could fail but then again, I do see starter failures.

the start button on the powerpack does not work. so i have the starter wire hooked up to a aux switch. i can get the engine to turn over fast. i am getting get arounf 1.5-2 volts to my coil. How would i test my coil and will any coil work if mine is bad?

btw thank you so much for the help

Did you try disconnecting terminals 13/14, which are the stop button? Maybe that switch is closed preventing spark?

Are you using a voltmeter or an oscilloscope for this? I ask because a voltmeter will not respond quickly enough to register the true voltage output. Best next step is to measure the resistance of the coil and stator… But you’ll need reference values.

You could maybe do a continuity test between the spark lead and engine to see if there’s a break in the HT lead. This would be done with the engine not cranking of course (Like you know this, but incase someone else is reading it…)

@slowandsteady is there any chance you could take resistance readings from your coil and stator?

I could but it would have to be after 4. You know that work thing…

Here you go, please report back.

I even checked ohms between box ground and coil.