What happened to the podcast!


(Tinoda Pfidze) #1

I came here from the podcasts I was listening a few days ago, I reached episode 23 and I was like oh boy I can’t wait for 24! And I checked the dates on the previous and I found out it had been uploaded back in 2017 and I was shocked! I have been looking everywhere but did I miss something? What happened to the podcasts!!?

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #2

Hey there!
I took a bit of hiatus from podcasting when I got married. Plus, I needed to find some fun in my own karting that was a bit lacking.

However, things are going on the right track, so there may be some more podcasts this winter…maybe.

There have been some other karting podcasts like Karting Dads and a few others that have popped up in the meantime to check out.

Thanks for the E-love,

(James McMahon) #3

Hey @Tinoda_Pfidze. Thanks for stopping by the forums. What was your favorite episode?

Like Davin said, we do have more podcast stuff coming, sometime in the next few months.

We’re working on lining everything up for it, but it’s going to take some time with the other the we’re working on, new website is taking up a lot of time right now.

(Tinoda Pfidze) #4

@DavinRS Oh that’s wonderful! Congratulations! That’s totally understandable and hope everything works out.

I’ll be sure to check out those other podcasts!

(Tinoda Pfidze) #5

@KartingIsLife My favourite epsidoe would have to have been #21! It got me hooked right off the bat, I hadn’t listened to many podcasts previously and I fell in love with Kart Pulse instantly. Keep up the good work guys, thanks for the quick responses too.

(James McMahon) #6

That’s awesome. Yeah the episodes Davin did with @Terence_Dove we’re great. So many nuggets in there that you’d need a notepad.

Or his book :smiley:

(Tinoda Pfidze) #7

@KartingIsLife I was totally considering it, I was thinking of getting Karting 101 first then move on to How to Master, but then again I still have to buy myself a go kart and such!

(Dom Callan) #8

Did u know about this link?

It’s the chapter on braking, which as a newbie, I found to be the most relevant chapter in my first year of racing.

(Tinoda Pfidze) #9

@Bimodal_Rocket I did not! But that was one chapter I heard Davin talking about in the podcast and I thought it would awesome to read so thanks so much for that!

(Andrew Maldonado) #10

If your looking for a podcast to listen to you can always feel free to check out “Karting Dads” :grin: its been posted on the forums before. I’m sure they would appreciate it lol.

(James McMahon) #11

Davin did mention it, but no harm in mentioning it again :joy:

(Andrew Maldonado) #12


(James McMahon) #13

You good. We’ll have a place for the podcasts soon :wink:

(Dom Callan) #14

Son, have you accepted true_racer into your life?

(Tinoda Pfidze) #15

I have! I started watching some of the season 1 episodes.
Thanks though :smile:

(David Gallaher) #16

You guys really did an amazing job with the podcasts. Really look forward to hearing more in the future!

(Kyle Keenan) #17

I’ll be honest here, someone needs to interview Davin, and I think I’m the right guy to do it. What do you think man?

(Tinoda Pfidze) #18

That would be INCREDIBLE sometimes I just enjoy listening to Davins responses and personal experiences, they are so entertaining and thought out!

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #19

We can talk about it. That might be fun. :slight_smile:

(Tinoda Pfidze) #20

Just purchased the book.