What is the absolute fastest way to warm up rental kart tires?

I do not rental race often but I was invited to one for tonight, and as I am way too competitive I want every advantage I can get. It is an 8 minute qualifying and from what I know, whoever can fire up their tires usually sets the fastest time. But what is the fastest way to fire up rental tires? Drifting every corner? Just going flat out everywhere?

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This sounds like one for the Rebel Scum… @Bimodal_Rocket

I’m following this since my son and I will likely be visiting some indoor karting joints this winter.

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Charging the turns and initiating some push kick is about as much as you can do. Longer sustained motions work better than short ones. That;s to say weaving is borderline pointless. Fun, but pointless for anything other than keeping the tires clean… If that’s something you even need to do.

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It is outdoors or indoors ?

  • If indoors, don’t warmup.

  • If outdoors, depends on the weather.

    • Cold weather/tarmac : I wouldn’t bother as the track is going to warm up as well. Just focus on putting down laps and you will naturally get faster as the session goes on.

    • Hot weather/tarmac : Try long weaves, put some load on the tyre and go for a fast lap. Then cool down for a lap and retry for a second fast lap.

Yeah its an outdoor night race in 40F weather. Would leaning either way help put load into the tires since the track is going to be so cold?

Have you found the tires lacking grip on opening laps?

It’s not usually an issue with rental tires.

Oh definitely, its not as bad as my KA by any stretch, but on average cold tires I lose about .8-1 second per lap on this track. Usually I run my fastest laps in the last 3 laps of a 10 minute session. I ran track record in a 20 minute session because the tires were finally fired up.

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I would imagine the usual long arcs repeating, shralp, shralp, shralp.

I don’t bother and just send it. As does Marc.
By lap 3-4 you are peak. Marc usually sets his fastest lap 3-5. I typically set mine 10-12.

We live in a strange world of plywood though. But if I were to heat up tires I’d use same method as pavement.

Maybe just cooking the tires by driving hard for a couple laps. Or, play the long game and go smooove and let the tires come in, getting progressively faster.

Fastest way to warm up rental kart tires is with a blowtorch, id say. Please check back in with your results.

Hm. I’d say a blast furnace.

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Lemme know how it goes… rentals can be weird. They are heavy and require some tenderness to be at their best. Don’t drive like an ape, drive like a cat and you’ll be fine

It’s decided then.

Spray with brake cleaner and light it up.

This is the way. :checkered_flag::checkered_flag::checkered_flag::checkered_flag:

Send it.

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That burns too fast to properly warm the tire throughout. Perhaps try slathering in vaseline, and then lighting it. Just don’t tell the organizers. With this one simple trick, the United Nations HATES him.


i’ll talk to the owner and discuss the possibility of chemical and thermal warfare at their expense.

well i’m also mid bulk and up around 195lbs right now so expectations aren’t so high considering my competitors are about 130-150

You are correct, but equally I don’t care because fire go whooooosh :smiley:

Yeah that’s a big deficit. Hope for rain for you. It will help even things out.

More weight = better tire warm-up.

Lunge the sh*t out of everyone on lap 1 when your tires are better and then block like Donkey Kong the rest of the race.

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Put them in front of one of these bad boys :melting_face:


gonna have to skill issue them, might be my only option. maybe a checo Abu Dhabi ‘21 defense as well.