What’s your 2022 ride?

As it says. What is your 2022 ride?

Mine isn’t finished as I have been driving working on the x30. But here is the start of putting together my 2022 ride.


Same as last year. Praga Dragon/Rok Shifter


In the middle of a full overhaul on my son’s Parolin Cadet kart. New paint, new plastic, new stickers. Was originally going to buy him a newer chassis, but once I checked the parolin and realized its dead nuts straight, I figured we’d spruce it up and get one more season out of it, and maybe move to junior in 2023 with a new chassis.


2020 Exprit/KA100 I got the end of last year. Should be in action at at least one national race this year.

I’ll post photos when I get the new decal kit on, which will probably be a week before my first race…

Same Race Factory kart as last year, but with a Vortex RVXX KZ. :muscle:


Lots of northwest folk in here already.

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Same old 2020 Redspeed / 206. Less racing this season for more boating and travel.


My son and I got a couple of season-old Margay Ignite K3s to run this year. First year running karts. Both kids (son and daughter) raced Quarter Midgets (the track was a mile from the house) and I autocrossed, raced and crewed in SCCA. Let the karting adventure begin!


Maybe Maggie. I have a date with a tuner in the spring to see if we can make her hustle again.

If not, this is my ride for 2022:

Sodis at NJMP: ![image|690x430]

Maybe Maggie gets fixed (model Alec Vidal):

Chris McCoys toys (model Nick Callan):

I can’t wait for racing season! I’m new to karting and was only able to run one race last summer. I’m looking forward to spending a lot more time at the track this year. I plan on running my '21 Eagle at Whiteland and New Castle.


Cool! You gonna run knight rider style or are you looking into a sticker kit?

Knight Rider! I didn’t care for the sticker kit that Comet has for the Eagle and I figured that as a rookie its just going to get scuffed up anyway. I may have a sign shop make me up some stripes or something though.

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Probably wise. The pretty graphics get scuffed up. You can run creative sticker kits, too. Your own design or someone else’s.

I’ll be rolling the AMV Kart Components #503 Will Power Kart X30 Masters machine…new livery in process.

Managed to sneak out and shake it down the other week before we got slammed with snow.


I saw him and his spouse when Nick and I went to gopro. Does he have a team? I know he runs his kids.

He has a chassis brand that is made by Kart Republic.

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Will Power has his own line of kart chassis, which are rebranded Kart Republics, and i believe he also runs a race team as well.

My son is a big Will Power fan, so he’s been bugging me for a WPK chassis for his next ride.

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Here I am relaxing after a session on the bike getting ready for the season.

Picture of the hot rod below. I will be running the AMV Kart Components Kart Republic in X30 Masters with Team Ferris Racing, Fox + Son power, Urace driver development / training.


Same 2017 (European 2 stroke) TB Kart S55 Chassis (but) I’ll be running two motors. Lo206 till summer, then I’ll add my X-30.

My 8 year olds is a 2020 TB Kart Monster Cadet.

And the 6 year old has the same chassis as her sister, but it hasn’t been built yet because I’m waiting to give it her this May for her birthday. #RaceParenting