What to do after kart is ‘finished’?

So what do you do after you’re finished with your kart? By finished I mean like it’s pass your age group or weight group.

My first thought was selling it, but what if you can’t sell it? (Like no one wants to buy it). What do you do?

Surely someone would buy it at the right price.

Otherwise, throw some dirt tires on it and rip it around your yard.


I mean… I guess… but I think it’s gonna be tricky to sell the kart, from where I live unless I travel a few hours (maybe to like OVRP)

Just post it somewhere and see what happens. FB Marketplace is good option, or Craigslist.

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Everything can be sold. The problem is you will not get what you want out of it. I always sell things cheap in order to get them gone fast and sometimes to help new people get in the sport.

Sell it on FB marketplace or in the FB karting groups for about 50% of what you think its worth.

IMO, Its better than having it sit in the garage collecting dust and not getting any money out of it.


These guys are spot on. Everything sells at the right price. Be it a kart or house there is always a buyer if the price is right. The more people that see the ad the faster it will sell.

I agree with the consensus of there still being value to what you have if it’s in drivable condition.

If not… here’s options

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I had a cadet kart that took some time to sell, but when it did sell it was some guy buying it for himself for some project he was doing. He didn’t care that the kart was meant for kids.

I would agree everything will sell for a price. I am confused by your comment though if you have outgrown a kart you ideally want to sell to another young person to continue in the class. AS for the weight, most classes people have to add weight so what do you mean by this?

People will drive to buy a kart (or at least I have) I have made several 4-5 hour drives to buy karts.

AS they say in the flea market business…one mans junk is another’s treasure.

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