When did you decide to change up? (Lo206 to 2 stroke)

So I’ve been running LO206 for 18 months, but last year I was able to acquire a blue printed X-30 for a stupid price, so I’ve been holding onto it for a year or so.

Been flirting with the idea of making that transition from LO206, which I really enjoy, to X-30 as running LO206 requires alot of travel to find big fields, whereas my local has a huge X-30 field.

When did you move up and what factors were at play?

Move up when you get tired of going slow with no power. :wink:


I think you can “move up” given you have done a lot of races and have enough experience to be able to recognize the differences and not over-drive for six months whilst you figure it out.

I moved down, which was interesting. X30 to rental racing which was an education (in a good way).

I think what lower power teaches us is how to roll momentum properly. If you feel like you got that bit well, go do it in x30 next.

The fact that your local field is bigger/more accessible in x30 sounds like a no-brainer. Do it.


Honestly I’ve gone all the way “up” to 250 super karts and still enjoy driving a 206.

I would say make the decision based on “budget and ballache” vs a proverbial perceived path of moving up.

The faster classes up the commitment level on your wallet, time and body. Which is why I stopped racing shifters. You can’t just hop in and go (at least I couldn’t) it demands more of you. Whereas 206 I would be in ballpark in few laps.

Gotta do what works for you baring in mind your resources.


This is a good point. What ultimately led me to quit x30 was the expense. It made me feel somewhat stressed and I recall the disastrous stars NJMP weekend were it all went tits up.

I was like “wtf am I doing here?”. I just threw a race because I did not want to be out there, burning through another grand with morons on the track, who were causing chaos and injuries (and a fist fight).

I am of the opinion that the best racing for an individual is the racing they can afford/have time for that doesn’t stress you out. If that’s KZ, fabulous. If that’s Honda gx 270, that’s fine, too!


I seen you running Monticello but I think you in central FL? Jax has huge 206 turn outs almost every race day. We averaged just at 80 karts per race in our 13 races club series. I think 3 or 4 times the counts were over 100. So why not come run with us?

I’ve seen so many people “up” themselves out of the sport because they felt the pressure to change classes.

The fun to dollar/commitment to fun ratio of 206 is underrated IMO.


Indeed. I promise to be nice to taters in social media henceforth.

Move up when you’re ready to take on a bigger challenge. If 206 is still challenging, you’re probably not ready for X30. If you’re comfortable and competent and consistent in 206, try the X30. Slap it on for a practice day or two and see if you are in over your head or not. Compare your lap times to what the class normally runs. If you are 2+ seconds off the pace, probably not ready.


I never really moved up. Started with yamaha (100cc air cooled) and now run KA (100 cc air cooled). The main thing keeping me from 125 TAG is the cost. Tires wear a lot faster and would likely be your costliest aspect of making the change. You will also buy more fuel/oil as well. The speed difference is undeniable but is it worth it? For me, the answer is no.


We moved up when transitioning from Sportman to Junior karts. It was a combination of 3 things.

  1. The 206 sportman package is faster than the 206 junior package at most track.
  2. My son tried his friend’s KAjr and came off the track with a huge smile. I knew I was screwed.
  3. We tried running KAjr and 206jr at the same time. After 4 races I told my son, “we aren’t doing two karts. I can’t keep up. Pick one.” It was an easy choice for him.

We ran our first full season in KAjr last year. After going through many, many expensive Merlin brake pads, he figured out how to drive the KA vs the 206 and we had a blast!

Yeah I’ve run JAX several times, the locals there are awesome, and the Kenner family have been doing good stuff at NFKC. Monticello is my home track, and about an hour from me. Jax is about 3.5 hours. If it was closer I’d go there more often. I’m on the coast 20 miles south of Tallahassee.

I looked at the comment map and thought you were south of Orlando lol

TJ I would say I still find 206 challenging, we have some stupid fast guys out here in Florida. Although I have made alot of strides in the past year, I’m still a “mid pack” guy who occasionally places on the potium; depending on the size of the fields.

I may not be ready to move up, and if thats the case, I’m good with that. I just find that to get to large 206 fields it requires alot of time and travel. Whereas, if I moved up to X-30, I have huge fields in my backyard. Another consideration is getting my kids established in karting. Less travel would afford more time for me to get my kids established; if that makes sense.

Like going back to the Jacksonville thing. I love running there, but those are LONG days with 7 hours of travel in any given day going to and from. And if I have my traveling circus (the kids) with me, it feels even longer, lol.

I know thats alot, but there are multiple factors (cost v. benefit) I’m taking into consideration. But who knows, I could put in a few practice days and get into a race and getting totally blown out. The 2 stroke field at my local are very experienced, and me, not so much.

that, right there, is the #1 reason to ditch everything and jump right on it. Stop second guessing yourself, yes you’ll be slower, back of the pack, demoralized etc etc etc It’s going to be hard, but you’ll be way faster on a faster package. You’ll eat dirt from some young kids too, that’ll lit up a fire as well…I only see good things coming from a step-up. Plenty of experienced guys means a lot to learn from, that you should see as a big opportunity.

Just be real with the budget to not overstretch yourself, but if you can afford it…to me it’s a no brainer


I’m gonna go with Andy. It seems to me that if the money is not a big deal to you, the proximity of the TAG racing is substantially more convenient for you. Not to mention the kiddos eventually starting.

No parent in their right mind wants to do 7hr car trips with sub-teen kiddos.

If you are thoughtful about the switch and recognize that you will be likely hanging on for dear life initially, you’ll be ok. Just understand that you need to not get seduced by power and start driving like an ape.

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I’m moving up because I’ve spent enough time in 206. The last three years I’ve been running at the front with the same four or five people and finish in the top three in points every year. After six years I’m moving up so I try something new and race with another bunch of fast guys.



I pulled my Stewart 206 motor off and got the X-30 installed a few weeks ago. I have not be able to test it yet cause I had to travel for work, but I’m hoping to get some seat time on it. Guys at my track are pushing me to forego the testing and just jump into the next local race. Not sure if I feel comfortable with that.

In the meantime, I’m keeping my eyes open to see if I can pick up another chassis, that way I can mount the 206 and run two classes. My Stewart motor is only 5 races old.

I’d love to move my son into ROK jr next season, but we have the issue of our home club being 4 cycle only, the other local club only running 2 cycle at 50% of their club races, so for us to switch full time to 2 cycle, we’d have to commit to traveling a couple hours each way for races.

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The next question: when do you move from the pumper-carb-and-inadequate-chain classes up to a shifter kart?