Where do you go sell kart stuff now?

So this crossed my mind, while we’re discussing whether we should have Kartpulse Classifieds.

Where do you currently go sell your karting parts now? I’d like to aggragate some of those links together into a single thread, so we could find put where we can buy stuff in the meantime.


It’s primarily NorCal based but I’ve bought and sold through the FaceBook group: Kartlist.

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I think that would be great, for I have a crew of folks who are going to start karting and the costs of products is of highest priority for me. I need to dress, equip, etc., for 1 male (10) year old Sebastian, 1 male (11) year old Jonas, 1 male (17) year old Xavier, 1 female (15) year old Lailah, 1 male (24) year old Joshua, 1 male (42) year old Buck, and 1 male (66) year old Charles, AKA/ :cowboy_hat_face:Scout©:racing_car::boom::dash:
Having a central location of data would really be beneficial for guys like me who needs input from seasoned drivers and teams to help us become competitive. We will train, get seat time on track, and learn how we as a family can become a very effective team in time? We are in it to win it! Charles​:dove: :nerd_face::thinking::man_technologist:t4::man_mechanic:t4::woman_mechanic:t4::woman_astronaut:t5::mortar_board:
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Maybe time to revisit this. I made a couple of tweaks a week or two ago:

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To sell, which is not much I put it on Facebook and hit the Badger swap meet.
To Buy
I watch facebook, used to go to club sites but things have dried up there.
I know some guys who deal in trailer buy outs, or buy a trailer out to get what I am looking for and sell the rest on facebook and others.

Ekartingnews classifieds still get a lot of views.

Facebook groups:
“Karting Classified Midwest”
“Racing Karts and Parts for sale”
“Sprint Kart Racing Classifieds and Tech”
“Go Kart Trading Post”
“Karting Classifieds”
“Kart Parts in Iowa”
“Quad City Karting Buy, Sale, or Trade”

I think a classifieds section would be a good addition here.

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It’s been floated a few times. Here’s a top where it came up…

Overall it’s bit of a Pandora’s box which is why we’ve held off especially given there’s so many different places. So the question becomes, what could be done to make the experience better for buyers and sellers? Better to such a point that it becomes a habit.

Don’t get me wrong. I’d love to build a “Carsoup for karting”. The sport needs it. But I’m also cognizant of the effort it would take to build, promote and manage.

Similar attempts have been made and they seemed to die on the vine.

So ponder the thought of, what would make classified experience awesome buyers and sellers of karts and gear.

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Thanks for the list, i been having a hard time finding karting parts groups on facebook.

If you liv near Columbus ,Ohio OVKA has a very good Swap meet Feb 2nd 2019 I recommend u attend if can


Larry have you seen the flyer for that yet. Usually someone posts it to the forums here

Jim the flyer is on OVKA web site if u have trouble let me know also Midstates kart club in Springfield Illinois has a nice swap meet in January

They have kart listings on Racingjunk.com