Where to buy Safety Equipment for karting in Europe

its starting to get time for me to buy new shoes and gloves suit etc what online store do you reccomend with fairy good prices??

Good place even you are in US

yeah i shop there alot ike parts oils etc but they dont seem to have a big options of suits. they have like tonykart outs and praga but im after something different that will stand out on the track!

I think Kartdavid offer suit custom service if you really want to stand out.

INTERGALACTIC -273 x Mad56 – Minus 273
whats you opinion on theese is it a good glove minus273

here is a thread about it.

I know a lot of people loved it.

You can check if itaka ships to your country

The -273 gloves are great. Lots of people love them.

I love my -273 gloves

For other stuff have a look at Kartstore IT

Honolulu Racing Italy suits are kind of cool, they have a deal with OMP to make suits for them, this is my buddy sporting one of them