Won the Rotax Master Max Championship!

As the title says. That is all :slightly_smiling_face:



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Congrats Clayton! Well deserved.

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Thanks guys! Still have to win my way to a Worlds Final ticket in Indy this August, but one step closer.

Kinda bumped East coast Masters champ does win a ticket to the Worlds when I only get a reserved ticket for Indy, but I guess it’s because they have a bigger field. But we did do four rounds of racing and they only do two. :person_shrugging:

If my wife and I weren’t doing our belated honeymoon in a couple weeks I would have probably skipped the remaining couple races and went East coast for a chance at the Worlds ticket.


Congratulations! :100::checkered_flag:

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What a great job Clayton!

You’re getting freaky fast with the editing!


Nice man. Shame about the entry count but I imagine that’s why there isn’t a Grand Finals ticket for the West Trophy. For IAME they give out World Finals tickets to the top 3, can’t really do that when there is only 3-5 karts. When I ran Rotax I didn’t get a ticket for my regional Rotax championship because there were also only 5 karts. Had to try and race my way in at the National Finals too.

Time to take the next step and get a KA or something to come play with the East coast Masters. :muscle:

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I’m think next year I’ll do the local west races so Phoenix and Tucson then either go Canada, which has has quite the regular Rotax Master and Master DD2 turnout, or East series and run Masters Max.

Tempers and relationships are kinda boiling over for the three of us running Masters together here so it would be nice to step away from that for a season. Nature of the game when all 4 rounds we are constantly within a tenth of each other from qualifying to the final race. Neither of us can break away during the race.

It’s also tough when the other two guys are teammates and work really well together to try and bump draft and get away from me. I feel like I have to be at 110% every session to split them up or get to the lead and hold it. The amount of laps I lead, poles, and fastest laps 4/6 sessions this weekend never amounted to an outright win.

Hopefully in the finals in Indy with more drivers I can break away from them and they can’t work together as well. I think it’s anyone’s game for a ticket whether it’s one of us three from the West coast or the top 3 drivers from the East.

Does Rotax run pushback bumpers?

Yes. And I got absolutely punted in T1 on Sunday during the main on the lap last, but no push back penalty (guy must have the nose clamps impossibly tight!) or crappy driving penalty which was annoying.

I had to go protest it as I was penalized for a bit of a push in the main against someone else, but the winner didn’t get penalized for doing the same and IMO worse to me.

Took Kartchaser video and data to show the guy who finished 3rd hit the brakes 10-15ft earlier then laps before and it caught me by surprise. I think what helped my case was earlier in the race I did go for a late lunge on the would be winner and waved him by as I knew it was a very aggressive move. I don’t want to win from just muscling someone out of the way and I wish my competitors felt the same.

Yeah that happens, though it also depends if the driver has money or if it benefits the organizer. For example, the driver who won the local Rotax Senior Max Championship of 2022 received a ticket for the winter trophy while the winner of next year got the ticket to the Grand Finals. The parents of the latter have a lot money while the former is a uni student who is mostly sponsored by a team and can’t afford to travel abroad. Also the champion of Junior Max didn’t receive anything last year

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Yeah it is what it is. I’d run the US final regardless, but it would be nice to already have a ticket in hand.

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Great job !!!
Well done sir !!
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You should come up to my home track in Edmonton (Max Karting Group event) this summer - one race for a ticket to the Grand Finals in Masters, open to Canadians and Americans. Billy Cleavelin and Derek Wang have come up in the past, and there’s probably only a handful of guys running it. If you don’t know anyone, I can probably put you in touch with a few people who might be able to set you up with an arrive and drive deal.

The Masters tickets are in much more limited supply - only 36 tickets worldwide for DD2 Masters (and Micro) at the Grand Finals, versus 72 tickets for Senior Max, DD2, Junior Max and Mini Max.

Sometimes I wonder why there isn’t a Master Max category in the Grand Finals.
There isn’t enough people or maybe enough chassis to supply for more drivers?

I propose a new name for heavy masters class:

Mega Masters or Masters Mega

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That’s the plan for next year. Not in the cards this year with it being so close to the US Finals.

I know a couple Canadians up there that keep trying to drag me out. I’d really like to build out a DD2 and let it rip.

Rumor this weekend has it there will be no DD2 Masters for you guys this year just Master Max??

Correct - just running Masters Max, with the winner getting a DD2 Masters ticket.