Workout plans To Improve Fitness During Off Season

Does anybody want to share their work out plans? Those that live in the snow climate, do you have a different work out plan during the seasons? Currently I use the elliptical, exercise bike, Jog (warmer months), Cross Country in the snow months. I have free weights, but not sure if resistance or strength is better? Does anybody incorporate sim racing?

I’ll be interested to see what people have to say regarding fitness programs etc. I don’t live in a cold climate like you so can’t speak to that.

With my own training I have recently worked a little more on upper body strength (arms and shoulders specifically) with the idea being it would help with steering and control. However, I’m not sure it actually makes a difference and while I’m still above average fitness I definitely need to get back into some cardio. I don’t imagine fitness could possibly be a concern for a cross-country skier though.

I am still much slower than my driving partners (and miles slower than the actual racers) who I would be “stronger” than, but I am never sore getting out of my kart like they are.

I am thinking core strength and cardio may be the key components.

I’m just rambling and haven’t provided much of a direct response for you sorry. I will be interested to see what others have to say. SIM Racing might be much more valuable as a training tool if you are already fit?

Hey Vash (?)

One thing I will say is that it’s very individual.
There’s two main questions you need to ponder.

  1. What are my weaknesses\limiters\areas for improvement when it comes to fitness.
  2. What kind of activities can help with these that
    will be fun for me. Ie will actually do on a consistent basis.

There’s some good fitness info here on the forums and on the main website to pour over. Here’s some links. Give them a read and let us know what you come up with.


A couple of articles from @Trey_Shannon. Trey is a full-time racing fitness trainer:

Lastly, we did a podcast episode with Trey where he talks about fitness and raceday nutrition:

I would say an emphatic yes to sim racing.

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You nailed it, James. The winter is the perfect time to improve weaknesses, and it always helps to do that in ways you enjoy.

@Vash_Stampede, it’s a good idea also to incorporate sim work under physical conditions that mimic the kart. Something like cycling or rowing to get the heart rate up and then hopping on the sim. Strength is great if you need it. If you’re a bigger guy, I’d focus more on endurance. If you feel like you do need more strength in the kart, then work on getting stronger as well as improving endurance. When it comes the muscular demands outside of cardio, your main focus is hands/forearms, shoulders, neck, and core. For karting, improving reaction time and hand-eye coordination is a massive benefit as well. Simple tennis ball drills and iPad apps are great for this. Again, work on improving cognitive function under stress and at higher heart rate levels as well.

Take a look at our instagram page at to see some of the things we do with our drivers.


@Trey_Shannon. Do you mind sharing some of the iPad apps that would be beneficial?


Here are a few good ones, all with different targeted neurological adaptations. Don’t be afraid to search and try new games as well!

Brain Speed


Never mind. Already answered.

I play Ultimate frisbee - the body needed for both sports is identical aside from silly CIK weight limits. I have a huge fitness advantage over most drivers and it pays off in feature races.

To build over the winter, play in indoor tournaments, and use AeroUltimate’s Advanced Ultimate workouts -

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