X30 Gearing Recommendations for Carolina Motorsports Park

I don’t believe that there has been much racing at Carolina Motorsports Park lately, but it looks like they are having an open practice day this weekend and I was considering heading over to try the track (I’ve never driven there).

Does anyone have some recommendations as to where I should start regarding gearing with an X30?

Hey brother. I see no one has responded to this. I recently made a similar thread about KA gearing for 103rd Street, and I didn’t get any responses either. It seems like the forums aren’t able to answer these questions. I’m thinking maybe we should start a megathread or some kind of pinned resource where people share their gear ratios for all tracks they know in one thread. I’m not really sure how to do this because I’m pretty new to the forums, but what do you think?

The reality is very few people have driven at CMP lately. They haven’t hosted a race in a long time. Hence the lack of response regarding gearing.

And I’m fairly sure there are basically no KAs at 103rd, which is why no one knows the gearing there.

If someone has gearing info for any track, post it up and we can make a sticky thread for it. Good idea.

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Thank you. A guy I know at 103rd Street suggested I try 11:72, but I don’t have the right sprockets for that. I’m gonna try 10:68 on Sunday and I’ll report back on how it goes.

Try 10:76. I ran a 125cc Leopard (predecessor to the x30) there in 2018 and I had a 10:78 to 10:80 on and was in the low 16000 range.

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Oh really? In that case, 10/68 might be too small a rear sprocket for my KA. I imagine a Leopard makes a lot more power than a KA. I might need more teeth.

That is for Kershaw aka Carolina MP

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Kershaw x30 gearing was 11:83 last time I was there.