X30 help needed please 🙄

Hi all. My X30 senior will not start. Cranks but will only spark if you hold the kill switch down. Any ideas? Cheers.

Welcome David!

That’s pretty bizarre! Can you think of anything that might have changed since it started up last… without having to hold the button…

Have you check all of your ground wires?

Nothing different from last time I ran it except changing the seat. I checked all connections and grounds around the kart and they were all good. Cleaned them anyway and no different. A guy at the track came over and told me that if it will only spark with the kill switch down it usually points to a dodgy stator but thought I’d ask you guys for advice before i spend £££ on trying to fix it.

Stators are not an uncommon fault with the X30 as is most of the electrics. Spent a lot time with them this year, and have been somewhat surprised by how many problems occur. Sure some get lucky and some don’t, but generally speaking the fault rate was too high for what is a leisure engine.


Thanks Alan. I guess I will just go ahead and buy a replacement and keep my fingers crossed :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

While we’re here…

What stator is on the X30. Do we know the resistance specs?

This is very strange as these thing don’t usually happen, share some more info about the same so that I can help you with it 9Apps VidMate.vin


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Just pulled it off and found it had corroded.

First photo looks fine but 2nd was covered in white corrosion.

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I’ll let you know if it makes a difference when I have time to test once cleaned incase it helps anyone in the future.


Cleaned it up and still not firing unless I hold the kill switch down. Guess I’ll just have to buy a new one and hope it fixes it. :weary::weary::weary:

This sounds like a wiring problem to me. Something sounds like it’s grounding out somewhere, or a switch is wired incorrectly, a momentary switch wired backwards?

The thing is nothing has changed since it was last used. I replaced the seat but that didn’t involve moving or disconnecting any of the wiring. Thanks for the input though I will double check the wiring again I guess.

did you pinch any wires while replacing the seat?

Is it possible that the switch is just bad? Have you tried wiring around it?

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Just an update here. Stator had failed. Best way I can describe it is that the kart will fire at start up as it is taking power direct from the battery to spark. Once it then changes to take power from the stator to spark it will not run as the stator is faulty. Thanks everyone for the replies and I hope this thread helps others in the future.



thanks dude, it really helped me alot.
shareit vidmate

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That’s really surprising, that the engine starts with power supplied from the battery. I had the impression that it was the starter that needed a battery. I haven’t been around for a while, but when I was racing, no battery was needed to start any engines, including a lot of motorcycles.

I don’t think the X30 needs external power to run the ignition system. Just the starter motor. From the X30 manual…

The digital ignition with capacitive discharge is fed by a magneto which generates the spark
energy for the starting of the engine, supplies the advance timing through an integrated
pick-up and recharges the battery.
The ignition includes a digital electronic unit, the stator-rotor, the starter relay, the H.T. coil,
a switch key assembly, and the wiring harness (with a 5A fuse) which connects the whole

The electronic box which controls the advance, the rev. limitation and the engine start/stop
logic , integrates the voltage regulator and the ignition circuit.
The starter relay (Solid type SSR), protected from short-circuits, supplies the power for the
electric starter and is controlled by the power pack.

An RPM limiter, integrated in the power pack, prevents the engine from exceeding 14.000,
15.500 or 16.000 RPM during use, depending on the engine versions.

The spark is generated also without a battery; it is therefore possible, in case of emergency,
to start the engine with an external starter unit.

The Rotax Max however does have ignition powered by it’s battery which also supplies the onboard starter.

Wierd. Mine was more like 16200 limiter