Your Favorite YouTube Channels for Karting going into 2022?

I think part of the problem for karting is cultural. We don’t really know how to make karting ‘entertaining’ and revert to ‘tutorial’ type content. Nothing wrong with that kind of content, I am really talking personal preference.

Others have kind of sussed it. CarsandCameras and that kind of thing. I’d include this kind of stuff as well. This is more in the ‘spirit’ of karting than modern karting in my view.

Karting1 in the early days was very successful (we’re talking early days of youtube, now my vids perform very poorly coz people don’t wanna see me talk in a room). We used to get a ton of views that’d if I got them today I’d not be broke. Luke Ellery and David Sera were also there doing cool stuff. It wasn’t just youtube back then, there were a few other video platforms.

Racing alone isn’t really enough, that’s the thing. Karting used to be more ‘lifestyle’ back in the day, but it’s morphed into being something very very rigid. And that rigidity has come at the worse time because it means we couldn’t take advantage of the mainstreaming of youtube and other platforms.

If you have old karting mags you used to have a ton of features on kart builds, designs, engine building, engine designing, unique events etc… Stuff that you could build a karting video ecosystem from. Just look at 2-stroke motocross builds on youtube. We could easily have that kind of the content… but it’s not being made… not made ‘right’ anyway. I just don’t think enough people have the confidence to pursue that kind stuff.

I know certain social media platforms get a lot of views on kart crash content and that kinda thing, but I don’t really recognise that as anything worthy of note. It just appeals to short attention span. It’s not really engaging content.