Your Home Track (KP Members)

I know folks here travel all over the place racing, but I was courious to see where KP members reside and where they consider their “home track” where you typically participate in local races on a regular basis. If you can narrow it down to one track.

I’m right outside Tallahassee, FL, USA.
My Home Track- Monticello Karting in Monticello, FL.

We run locals once per month.


mont from air

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Typically run at Yas Marina and Al Forsan both in Abu Dhabi. Dubai and Al Ain I also frequent.

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Prairie City OHV Park / All Star Karting in Rancho Cordova California. (Actually, closer to Folsom) Track Layout – Prairie City Kart Track Cool place, as they have FOUR different track layouts! It’s like a box o’ chocolates, ya never know what yer gonna get! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Races monthly. The folks there are really nice, and always willing to help. Don really went the extra mile for me in procuring an engine for my first kart! Covered pits , lounge area, and spectator seating. $35 for a practice day.

Currently my home track is Atlanta Motorsports Park, AMP, Fortunately, they offer a traditional TAG class where I can race my Rotax against mostly X30’s making for some interesting dynamics as they have completely different power curves. Worth coming to visit if you have a chance.


SIMA Racing

They recently acquired the abutting lot in the upper R corner & plan to add more pit space & facilities, & extend the track to just over a 1 mi length.

Not in these older pics, but there’s now a roof over the paddock area. It’s a genuinely nice facility.

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I live outside Detroit. My home track is Point Pelee Karting in Leamington, Ontario. I often instead travel to East Lansing Kart Track in Bath, Michigan.

NHMS. Funky track, we run CCW and CW

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I live about 2 hrs away from New castle motorsports park, this is my first year in karting and I love it theredownload

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Wow! Looks like they have multiple layout choices too! No wonder it’s so popular, looks great!

Our home track, where we began racing, is Hill Country Kart Club in New Braunfels, TX. We are in San Antonio, TX. While we will still race at HCKC (45 miles away), we tend to travel to Speedsportz Racing Park in New Caney, TX (250 miles away). We don’t race at HCKC as much since it is concrete and our regional series typically puts us on asphalt tracks.

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It all started with a visit to Lafayette Motorsports Park in Lafayette, NY (previously Cherry Valley Kart Track) about 5 years ago. My son was hooked and we started racing the following spring on this freshly repaved track. This facility has been around since the 60’s but is currently under new ownership that has revitalized the facility. We race April to October with about 12-13 scheduled races. The track is about .4 mile.


Luckly we live in Syracuse which about 30 - 35 min drive to the track

Awesome to see another person with SIMA as a home track. I’m in garage #23 up there. Hope to see you around sometime!

3s in Georgina ontario , track is rough as hell and beats the crap out of your ribs and basically every part of your body but have grown up ther and love that track to death and the owner Enzo has been there whenever I have need anything


I wonder if in iRacing wether I can turn right into your kart layout after the tree bit.

Give it a shot! Wonder what times a skippy would do

I shall do so tonight and film it for you for yuks.

Wow, another nice track! Awesome!

I imagine being in Ontario, the track suffers from frost heaves…?

Badger Kart Club in Dousman has been my home since 2001. It’s due for a repave, but it’s good a good mix of technical corners. I believe Goodwood in Canada is the same exact layout, though with some elevation changes. Michiana Raceway Park in Indiana also is based on a similar layout.

Since the addition was added (far left), it’s added even more technicality to the track, now that we have mixed asphalt types and two really fast corners.

I made a video track guide for it earlier this year as well: Track Guide : Badger Kart Club (National Circuit) - Dousman, WI - YouTube


The mini oval in the corner… lil kiddo practice area?