2022 Formula 1 Season: Official Discussion Thread

Surely thats wheel arches or no wheel arches. Not wheel arches only when its wet.

Are they going to fit them mid race with the tires?

It’s just a feasibility study. Pretty sure it’ll be deemed not practical unless as you say they are permanently installed

They can change noses during a race, I think it would be easy to install wheel arches as well. The tricky part would be how to regulate when they go on. Like if you pit early and get the rain tires on before FIA calls for the arches, do you have to come back in to fit them?

Ahhh… don’t shoot the messenger!

It’s like a series that is BOGO.

I don’t the score with the FFSA, but if an International governing body like the FIA took licence money and then redistributed that to drivers they select purely on gender you have some serious legal issues as well as basic competition ethical ones irrelevant of gender. How can you trust the governance of a race if some drivers are funded by the governing body?

Dunno but it would be in-keeping if they decided that it would be smart to have the ladies do their race in Qatar.

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I think it’s bollox, women need to compete in the same series as men. I bet they would say the same too if they really think they are worthy to compete in F1. I hope such a female comes along soon!

Yeah I struggle a bit with why they feel it’s necessary to seperate the genders. All the women I’ve seen racing karts seemed to be plenty strong enough. I recall that there were two young women that were very talented and very very fast and ran up front.

Also, I suspect that they are gonna insist on marketing the series in a completely out of touch male way.

I think all we can hope for tomorrow is a good start from the Ferrari’s. If at least one gets in front of Perez we might have some excitement, other than that it will be watching the midfield battle (which I don’t mind). Although it will be interesting to see if Merc have good race pace!

Interested to see how this track races with the new cars. Abu Dhabi is usually a snoozer, though the track changes helped a bit last year.

Merc should have good race pace but I just don’t see them making much ground up if they can’t get down the straights.

I’m honestly expecting a snooze fest. Hopefully mid field will add some spice.

3 hours from now we’ll know if Sargeant has a seat next year.

He might lose P3 to Lawson, but he’s well clear of DAR and FIT, he should get it done.

Edit: Job done :white_check_mark: :clap:t3::clap:t3:

Reading social media with people losing their minds regarding Sargeant getting a ride sure is entertaining :laughing:

What’s a final f1 race without a Latifi crash

Hamilton has bad luck when it gets down to 3 to go at Abu Dhabi…

Good or bad? What platforms I’d like to have a read lol.

So glad Hamilton decided to give Vettel one last Championship point for his final race :laughing:

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@Richard_Jacques WTF1, sky sports and others on Facebook. It’s worth the time. The crazy on both sides is awesomely entertaining :laughing:

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Not too exciting aside from Perez trying to catch Leclerc at the end.

I thought the first few laps were pretty good, and overall there was a lot more overtaking than we are used to at Abu Dhabi. Definitely had a mid-race lull though.

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