2022 Formula 1 Season: Official Discussion Thread

Remember that if you have the F1 TV app, save yourself some money and cancel the subscription until the start of the next season.

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Meh, I pay the full price up front. Cheaper that way too and I get to be lazy.


After 0 WDC, the man is back

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He will never leave us.

So with Riccardo being the “3rd” driver, what does that mean exactly? I usually only see 2 cars on track per manufacturer right? Or is RB putting a 3rd car out there?

3rd driver as test driver/backup driver, but I think RB hired him mainly for PR benefit.


You can only run two cars per the regulations. Third drivers are reserve to fill in if a lead driver cannot compete and they usually do simulator testing and commercial commitments.

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It looks like they are serious about this.

I thought a lot of the spray came from the ground effect? You could see the spray was much higher than in previous years, and I believe the explanation was the ground effect.

Why hasn’t spray been a problem until the recent few days?

The diffuser contributes a lot to the spray. The cars have wider tires, more aero, and are going faster so they generate more spray as of 2017 at least.

They should just put big rig mud flaps across the whole back end. Including the naked lady graphic.

An alternate solution for the Spa like rain - delay the race a day, like most other motorsports series do in the interest of safety.

This fender idea seems rather half-baked.

Not possible due to TV commitments, other commercial stuff,and freight arrangements (which are now tighter than ever with 23 races). When you have 150,000+ spectators, it’s also a problem to move it to monday. Transportation is anothe

Very possible if you make it part of the race schedule. For delayed races you cancel commitments for Thursday. Cars and equipment can be leap frogged on back to back races anyhow.

It’s not possible once you factor everything in. TV and commercial deals alone make it prohibitive.

Every circuit will have to basically book an extra day to host the race and all the added insurance and overheads that comes with it.

"“At the end of the day this is a sport, we are here to race. Death threats, hate mail, vitriol towards extended family members is deplorable. We value inclusion and want a safe space for everyone to work in and enjoy our sport. The abuse needs to stop.”

Maybe f1 has a problem. Basically the sport is all about acting like assholes, as evidenced in how they chose to present it in drive to survive. Don’t like the fans being uncouth, feral jerks? Then maybe don’t be assholes, always?

In no way do I condone the behavior of the fans but kettle meet pot. The whole shebang seems to be marketed on the idea of conflict, rivalry and opportunism.

Max boycotted DTS in 2021

Was directed at f1 as opposed to max.

F1 promotes jerkiness and then acts outraged that fans are jerks.

I don’t really see how F1 promotes being an asshole? The sport is friendlier and more open than ever. The drivers are constantly joking and laughing with each other and making wholesome engaging fun content for fans.

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Since DTS and all it’s manufactured drama, fan behavior has been worse. It was all nonsense and not real but there has been a noticeable degradation of fan behavior since imho.

It is entirely possible that I am also being old and crotchety. Perhaps some warm milk.