2023 Formula 1 Season: Official Discussion Thread

………Ferrari preparing to send Lec out on hards



FIA could go this route:

Look at that smile. Man’s got a gift.

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Let’s dig up a story. Seems like info missing.

Ahhh. Unpaid wages.

Ugh, just go away Nikita.

Isn’t there extenuating circumstances, like huge geopolitical issues and international sanctions?


Oh those sweet oligarch tears. Feel bad for the kid as a racer tho.

No that’s old news.

I was referring to this

Nikita Mazepin Plots F1 Return By Launching Legal Action Against Canada – WTF1

I believe the Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister replied:
“Take off, you Hoser!”


Hoser? I had to look that up :joy: it’s my new favorite insult

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He’s not a real Canadian eh…

I guess this didn’t make it to Dubai:

Decent singin’, Eh?

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I’m familiar with Canadians eh. :joy:

I wouldn’t feel too much empathy for a spoiled rich kid who has allegedly assaulted a woman, drives dangerously on track, and has built himself into a victim of the war as he and his father hobknob with Putin.

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I was just tying to be nice. Ya know, kartpulse and all that.

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Ah Bob and Doug MacKenzie was a US thing from Saturday Night Live so it’s possible that it didn’t get famous outside North America.

I think it’s humor targeted at folks in Minneapolis/Chicago etc.


Great White North was from SCTV, not SNL. It’s a Canadian thing ‘eh not a yankee thing, so take off :stuck_out_tongue:

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Can it be for honorary Canadians who live in the US, but love:

RUSH, Triumph, and Sum 41
and who actually own the Great White North Album
? :grin:


It’s funny I actually did originally say second city but then changed it. I shoulda gone with my original instinct.

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I may have. I seem to recall listening to it on cassette.