2024 Formula 1 Season Discussion

Well played Valterri

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So Canada was a good race! Lots of overtaking and mistakes made, weather like that always spices it up. Very enjoyable.
Checo, oh dear! Still surprised he got re-signed, might come back to bite RBR as far as the team championship goes.
Good to see Merc appearing to be competitive but Ferrari a bit of a mystery.

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The Haas gamble in the first stint was awesome. Shame the crew fumbled the pit stop or KMag would’ve had some points I think.

Really fun race though! Love those conditions and Canada itself is such a cool track.


I feel like I’m watching the downfall of Red Bull in slow motion. I think their two biggest mistakes have been:

#1 not keeping Newey happy (not sure how much of that relates to their handling of the Horner situation and how much is other factors)

#2 prioritizing well-funded, washed up big name drivers over talented/fast drivers (Perez and Ricciardo over Yuki and Lawson), damaging both their on track performance and the credibility of their driver development programs

I think it’s inevitable that these two mistakes will eventually be their undoing, even if Max is able to keep them afloat for years to come yet. It’s very hard to predict right now how long it will take for these mistakes to overwhelm all the advantages they currently have (still the best car, best pit crew/strategists, best driver on the grid, money, facilities, and a lot of talent in the factory).

Norris puts down an absolute BELTER of a lap.
Dark villain Briatore appears and Alpine make it to Q3.


We are so back /s.
Renault is back

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Meh I forgot my team.

Times were so tight! Until those two laps by Lando and Max.


Qualy was great! Lando seems to have the confidence now that is needed to fight right at the top.
Briatore made no difference to Alpine imho. Should have kept Otmar as TP, he was the man for the job (aside from the Piastri fiasco).

I thought I heard in the commentary that Red Bull had Perez tow Verstappen on his final run and that was worth 3 tenths.

Makes Norris’ lap more impressive.


Yeah Max said it wasn’t planned he just happened to come up on Checo on the straight as Checo finished his lap, but he noted how it still wasn’t enough and conceded Lando and McLaren were faster today.

Piastri could’ve been top 5 as well without his massive mistake on his lap.

Alpine’s performance was really exciting. Their drivers smashed it. They have the most underrated driver pairing on the grid IMO. People forget how fast those two are.

I know it’s not F1 but it’s at an F1 weekend. Did anyone notice Americans own Chloe Chambers winning the F1 Academy race this morning.


Good for Chloe! She’s local to this area and used to race fSeries with Justin white and the gang. Last I saw she was doing stuff with Porsche as well as racing formula.

I did yes. She’s quicker than Logan :sweat_smile:

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She’s doing really well. Really cool to hear the anthem played on an “F1” podium.

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