2024 Formula 1 Season Discussion

He’s now 137 points adrift of Max, 6th in the standings and only 7 and 8 points ahead of George and Lewis. Doesn’t bode well for him, unfortunately I feel he’s in a bit of a vicious circle trying too hard. He needs to relax and do a few woosahhhhs before each race.


With Silverstone, of which wrong tire choices certainly didn’t help:

137 points behind Max.
He’s currently 6th - so just within 5 places with little margin to 7th.

I don’t think this is going to improve, but time will tell.

Oh the other hand, it looks like Max may even been fighting for more wins with the big improvement of McLaren and Merceedes, which may somewhat help at least with points until / if RB can make a large step forward.

Not knowing if these are and/or clauses, but he can’t possible close the gap to 100 points in the next two races.


Fun fact:

Nico Hülkenberg has scored more points in the last 2 races than Sergio Perez in the last 6.



Really enjoyed the the race this weekend. Always enjoy watching Silverstone as it has many special memories for me from racing the kart GP there for ten years:)
The weather definitely spiced things up nicely. Glad to see more teams in the battle for the win over these last several races. Max must be real happy to come out of there with a second place considering at one stage it could have been fifth. Mclaren need to sharpen up their strategy for sure and Lando needs to do a better job at the start. Was rooting for Hulkenburg and he didn’t dissapoint. Lewis, what can you say :man_shrugging: Good to see him back on the top step and as always acting graciously towards the team.

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This is the first season I’ve even somewhat followed in about 20 years and I’m glad I did.

Have to say I also thoroughly enjoyed the support races. F3 race was something else.

The F2 sprint race was also enjoyable

I missed that one sadly. Effin planes

Off topic but not. Came across this which I watched part of. James and Niki’s sons racing against each other.

In this Niki states that in 76 James had the pace, and when James’s McLaren turned on in the 2nd half, he was not gonna be able to beat him, accident or not.

I feel personally attacked by this statement.


There is a little Lance in all of us.


Another TJ quotable there.

Without context, it’s not a good quote… But put it on a shirt and watch people try and guess the context.

Also I see your hidden reply Dom… :joy: Yes, please refrain…

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Interesting analysis of the 2026 car rules and how it will change energy usage.

I certainly agree with the Stroll assessment here but…

Is it crude to say that I’m just not that excited about Drugovich…?

Personally I think it would be better to put Lawson or Pourchaire in his seat…

Drugovich never really made waves and legit was never really a threat all the way up through junior like Piastri, Antonelli, Lawson, and Pourchaire were. I mean his talent is great, let’s get that out of the way but… I just don’t think he’s that guy.

In German F4 when his teammate was Niklas Nielson, who was also a rookie. So he basically HAD to beat him. And he did!
… n’t.

He finished 26.5 points behind Nielson.
Although he was immediately on the pace in the 2017 season in lots of championships, he didn’t get the title in his second stab at German F4.

Then he did admittedly demolish everything in his path during 2018.
So surely he’s the best thing to ever exist since Sir Lewis Hamilton!!

However, his F2 and F3 record wasn’t really that good.

In F3, his teammates at Carlin (Sargeant and Natori) WERE behind him, except…
Sargeant outqualified Drugo pretty much every race and scored points 4 times as opposed to Drugo’s ONE time scoring points in Hungary where he finished sixth. The standings just flattered him a bit.

He did have an outstanding performance in his first year in F2, where he qualified on the front row and won the sprint race at Spielberg and won two other races.

However, when he moved to Virtuosi because they did insane things with Callum Ilott and Zhou Guanyu in 2020. And Virtuosi did continue their winning ways!!

…just not with Drugo.

Drugovich finished 8th (105 points )in the championship while Zhou finished in third with 183 points and Piastri won with 252.5 points. He only got onto the podium four times that season.

After he did win the F2 championship, although it must be mentioned that Pourchaire had some reliability issues during the season.

That’s why I feel like he shouldn’t be first in line for an F1 seat, but he should be given a shot at F1 because he’s damn well earned it.

I don’t think Drugovich is an especially stand-out talent, but I think he could be better than Lance with some time and more than anything I think it’s a shame he is stuck in a position where he is wasting away on the sidelines.

I agree with this though. I still have to play the devil’s advocate by saying he shouldn’t be first in line to take that seat, I would much rather see Pourchaire in that seat. As I said though, he should be given a shot at F1. And who knows, maybe he’s the next Max Verstappen!

I get the impression that if you don’t win F2 by your second season then you are looked over. Pourchaire took 3 seasons, Drugovich took 3, DeVries took 3. In some cases the talent in the field is considered high enough that you don’t have to have won, like 2018 when Russell (who won) and Norris (and Albon but not in a conventional way) made it to F1.

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I don’t think you have to win the championship. If your racecraft & development is good, you should be examined. F1 teams overlooking that will miss out on great potential. Look at Bearman & Antonelli.