206 juniors compkart

Does anyone know any setups for 206 juniors at ovka I drive a compkart and we’ve been struggling and we need help with the kart setups

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Describe the problem for us, please.

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We started full time last year and this year we moved to juniors and we’re slow as heck because we don’t know much about our new kart and we don’t know much about the setups to make it faster on straights

Have you had a chance to speak with a Compkart dealer near you? Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful you asked here too. But they might have some answers specific to your class and chassis in the absence of anything here.

What do you think might be holding you back? You mentioned faster on straights so it seems like you might be thinking along the lines that the kart is “bound up” in the turns perhaps?

Yeah. Is it a case of the kart feeling wierd relative to what you’d expect or is it a driving issue? Or both? What is it about the new kart that slow relative to old?

It’s faster but everyone has basically the same engine same power yet we lack pace to the fastest kart and we’ve tried everything to catch up but we can’t get in the top ten because the 10th place kart is just so much faster than us

The top ten pack pulls away from me mid straight even though I get perfect exits on the corner

Ok so top end. First up I’d guess would be gearing. Are you running same/similar gearing as the others? If you are running more teeth, your top end is slower. (Conversely you would be pulling better in corners).

Everyone runs close to a 15-18 front gear and a 55-70 rear we run a 16-60 usually

Hmm. Gearing would have been easy. Got footage? Maybe visual/sound might clue someone in.

Yeah but I can’t post it because it’s not authorized I guess

You can’t post video directly, but you can post a youtube link and it should embed.,

Sometimes people gear to ride the rev limiter in the Jr class when they really should not be… Could it be that?

Here’s a video at Wilmington, ohio

I don’t hear you bouncing off a limiter. I am hearing overrun pops from pretty far back before the corner. I do not have a lot of seat time in LO but iirc those pops occur on lift. Are you lifting early and coasting into corner for a bit before you get on brakes?

Since I’m not hearing the tattatatat of the limiter anywhere, is it possible you are geared too much for top end?

Someone who knows lo better hopefully has ideas.

If you have a camera you can mount, you should record a race so we can see what you mean about you relative to the top ten.

The popping everyone told me was the rev limiter

But I don’t have any recent footage at ovka which is were we run the most Wilmington is just when we’re bored and ovka isn’t racing

If you’re getting beat on the straight, it’s either an engine (carb) issue or you are not getting off the corners like you think you are. There’s a difference in getting off the corners right and feeling like you are. 99 times out of 100, it is not the engine.

Is the kart a 4R?

Yeah but a driver named Thomas schrage has been helping me and every heat he’s been saying I’m getting perfect exits every time just the pack pulls away mid straight

Also yes I have an 4R

The pops I refer to are the ones as you approach the corner. They occur as you begin deceleration and they are pops from exhaust. The limiter sounds more tinny and rapid tapapapa. At least it does on mine.

I can’t drive this thing worth a damn but listen to the limiter on back straight: (timestamped).