Any info about rotax e20?

Hi. I like the concept of an electrc gokart. But me and my dad has done some research and we dont know how to buy one or even test one. Does any of you guys have ant info about price and availability?

I haven’t seen much, I’m not even sure if they are available for purchase (Might be been arrive and drive only)

But here some video:

I can’t imagine you can just up and buy one yet. From what I’ve seen, it’s been used in specific race series that rotax puts on, related to their annual big race that you qualify for.

I don’t know how practical it would be to buy as you’d need some pretty fancy charging equipment trackside, I would think.

" Boost your skills
Racers who participate in Rotax Project E20 events all drive one of the project’s E20 models."

To drive one you’d sign up for the Rotax Max challenge I think:

IDK - I’ll have to go look at it and report back…

I do know a lot more about the BSR offerings and what Vextrek has build and is working on.

I’m also looking at the possibility of using a PCB motor design for a kid kart to bring prices down. But that’s down the road a year or so.

Ok so on the webside its it eskiltuna tomorrow is a test day. I called them and booked for tomorrow. 18.30 tomorrow and i will drive it. For a full pratice.:grinning::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley: im so hyped about this one​:sweat_smile:


350 volt DC system! Blimey

Our local kart track officials are not really on-board about 144vdc for the DHX motor I hope to still use at some point.

I do like that it does have interlocks, a lanyard, and stop buttons. Looks well thought out overall.


The motor / transmission unit:
Gear Ratio of about 1:5.5 (fixed)
Liquid Cooled 17.2Krpm motor (high)
Max Tq: 46 Nm (~253 Nm at the wheels)
Max kW: 24 kW
Top Speed 135 km/h

Controller is probably Silicon Carbide based. Possibly a Cascadia Motion unit like a CM350 ($$$).

Two 4.4 kW batteries, 8.8 kW total for 11 ish laps use.
HEAVY at 47.9 kg (106 lbs).
Most likely about a 84s10p configuration

Not sure what it cost, but it will be quite expensive, plus the extra few sets of batteries for most locations without adequate outlets for charging.


Bring your Gopro and film a lap for us if you can!


I think for charging it just uses a CEE16 plug (which is AC), which I believe is effectively household power (for Europe) assuming they are running single phase. I think their manual says it’ll charge to 90% in 40-50mins which lines up with 230V at 16A with a power factor around 0.9.

US would be double the time unless the tracks installed some 20A RV hookups.

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That’s what the doc says. I find that a bit odd they decided to just plug the kart into AC as you have to carry the weight of the charger and a balancing BMS with you at all times, especially when it indicates you also need to use the two cooling packs (dual fans) on the batteries when charging. If you have a full 45-60 minutes to plug in and charge at a track with plugs like that between practice, qual, heats, and final, great. If not… swap batteries? Not that it shows, unlike say the BSR setup.

At our local track any charging will require a gas generator, or maybe a F150 lightning or hybrid. There are no plugs other than at the scoring booth and restrooms to be found, 120v or 240v. I’m not sure what their incentive to provide electricity would be.

Keeps it simple and “safe”. Some people get nervous about 400V DC :slight_smile:

All righty, maybe you like it enough and sign up for the series and we can then watch you at the worlds. :grinning:

About 30 minutes in you get the English guy i used to tune who now works for rotax.

Yah it was super fast and we where doing standing starts and it was feeling better thean out porsche turbo s. Its was crazy hearing the tires and all the kerbs it was lovly. Im going to sign up for next years series. The price for 1 race was 2600 per race and its arrive and drive so mechanic included and tires and all of that so maby next year​:joy::slightly_smiling_face:


That sounds like a really cool experience. Series would be amazing. Does the kart feel heavy or does it feel normal?

It is 160kg. It feels pretty mutch the same as my x30 junior but way more power🙂

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Do they have the boost button like in the race series?
The rental electrics I used at Andretti indoor had a button but I couldn’t feel a difference.

Yeah boost was 10kmh more top speed but i only used it once bc of the pretty short srtaight

I think I found my next endurance racing team name. :grinning:
Nice description!

That 160kg weight for the e20 is without driver.
Your x30 is probably <60KG without driver.


Without removable batteries at 350ish pounds, it’s not something you’re going to easily load into vehicles. I think their market idea is just to rent karts at permanent tracks (with storage), so I guess that works for them.