Anyone practice at home with kart racing pro?

Greetings . I’m having good times practice with a friend on this karting simulator . It’s a difficult task if you see it as a pc game , but also a very good tool for understand and work with kart set up and try them on track .
It’s on steam if someone want to check it .
Sometimes you have to be radical in some adjustments on the game to be quick but it’s worth the time for me .


Here’s an older topic on KRP

I’ve always enjoyed KRP. Sometimes how the karts handle can be frustrating, oversteer is really weird for me, it’s like there’s a 70lbs Wright that gradually moves to the outside rear wheel or something.

Still though I’m a fan.

You’ve probably heard KartKraft early release is out too.

Yes I’m waiting to see kartkraft also , hopping for a good game there .

For the krp now , yes at the begining of the game on standart set up the karts hurts from massive under or oversteer , and the changes at the setup to work normal is a lot job to be done .
we have spend a good amount of time trying and trying , so now i have a steady car to make some good laptimes . if you like i can share here the latest set up sheets we have so you can give it a try ,
I also like how the track changes from the rubber we create on it as laps gone by playing the game ,
its so fun anyway , im a great fan too .

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I usually end up tuning a pretty severe push into the kart to make it more driveable. I’m sure it would be quicker without that setup, but I don’t play it nearly enough to experiment with anything else.

On the topic of sims… Looks like we’ll have something going as a KartPulse group in a few weeks.

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I could not see what to vote on…I would like a realistic Karting game or F series is cool on PS4, thats my only system and I am willing to purchase the gear to get involved…Let me know what is up, when, where and how…Thanks <*{{{{><{ Scout

Voting closed a few weeks ago. Project CARS2 cane out on top.

Did you guys form a team and is this on the PS4 platform?