Bert's 2022 Fantasy F1 League Thread

Who is interested in doing F1 Fantasy league? I hosted a league last year for my friends. I’m going to create one for KartPulse people. Join if you like! Let’s see who has the best intuition about teams and drivers.

I use the GridRival App. Which IMO has a better interface and points system that the F1 sponsored game.

Tips if you wanna play:

-You pick 4 drivers and one constructor per race.

-It’s salary based, and your salary cap can go up (or down) based on performance of your drivers. Buy low/sell high.

-Picking the right talent driver every race is key, they get double points.

-The scoring is linear, so you want the highest average finish for your whole team. No bonus for picking the winner.

-Read the scoring guide for more tips.

You will have to open this on your phone. Link to join:

We can split this into another thread if I need to answer questions/general smack talk.

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Thanks Dom for moving this over!

Game Scoring:

Drivers: P1-50 points, P2-48 points, P3-46 points, etc.
Constructors (average of drivers): P1-30 points, P2-29 points, P3-28 points, etc.

Drivers: P1-100 points, P2-97 points, P3-94 points, etc.
Constructors (average of drivers): P1-60 points, P2-58 points, P3-56 points, etc.

Bonus (drivers only):
Race Completion: 3 points for every 1/4 of race distance. i.e. finish the race: 12 points.

Overtakes: 3 points per position gained (from grid position to finish position, no negative points for positions lost)

Beating Teammate:
1-3 positions: 2 points
4-7 positions: 5 points
8-12 positions: 8 points
13+ :12 points

Personal Improvement (every driver has a rolling average finish position from previous 5 races, last year counts for beginning of season, finish above that position, get bonus points.)

1: 0 Points
2: 2 Points
3: 4 Points
4: 6 Points
5: 9 Points
6: 12 Points
7: 16 Points
8: 20 Points
9: 25 Points
10+: 30 Points

You pick one talent driver every race, they get DOUBLE points. Must be worth less than 18.0M.

Commentary based on how last season played out:
Max got a ton of bonus points at the beginning of the season because he had 2 DNFs at the end of the previous season. This brought his rolling average down giving him a ton of PI points. Ocon was a great talent driver choice all season because he hovered right under 18M and had decent results all year. Vettel and Alonso also danced around 18M making them good choices. Building up your teams worth is key, when your driver’s salary goes up, you keep that money, my team topped out around 130M before I picked Hamilton for the Italian GP and Max decided to ride him in turn 1.

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I’m down for a go sure

5 right? There are 5 driver slots. So we make our selections prior to each race? Or lock them in at season start or at some point?

Edit: Got it! So the league admin sets the contract length for your drivers, we can change them out when they’re out of contract, right?


See Richards q above

Yes you pick your contract lengths and pay a penalty for dropping a driver early. Sometimes it’s worth it to drop drivers early. The kicker is that you can’t resign a driver right after their contract expires.


I’ll take a look anto see how much of my time it will take. But certainly interested.

That’s pretty neat, signing contracts with your drivers. I like that. Adds a whole new level to it that F1 Fantasy didn’t touch on. Looking forward to this :slight_smile:

So I’m thinking a lower grid strategy. Not spending $ on Max or Lewis or any of the fast cars. I’m guessing if the lower guys do well relatively speaking, that might be interesting.

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Bump for others to see

Consistency is key. DNFs really hurt your score. Norris was a great driver for that reason all season last year.

Also, I updated my first post above so people can see how the scoring works before downloading the app.

Just signed up Should be fun.

Sounds interesting. Never been one for fantasy sports, maybe this will change it

At what point are the teams and stuff unlocked?

Looks like next Monday at 6pm EST.

I wouldn’t be picking anything until the very last minute. You might choose your constructor and then when testing starts, realize they built a complete dog of a car/engine, especially with such a huge rule change.

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I am going to use the system I always use successfully; ignorance of the subject matter and general luck. Watch me place on podium.

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You aren’t locked into your contracts until qualifying starts. So you can play around with your team until then.

But yes, this year is going to start as a crap shoot I think. haha.

Ah when I click it says it’s all locked