Bert's 2022 Fantasy F1 League Thread

Listen Lewis, I know we haven’t always seen eye to eye, but buddy… I need you to pull it together this weekend.

Edit: I have forsaken him, Lando is in instead.

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Could be worse. Marshal was a bit eager with the red flags in Q1 messed up a ton of runs

I’ve got Carlos, so pretty much have a guaranteed first place this race. Leclerc dnf ofc

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First place? First in the wall maybe :joy:

This is Monaco, are you sure you aren’t talking about leclerc?

mm perfect or too close for comfort?

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Perfect. They do love showing this angle. We do the same in our karts but it’s not as impressive.

Well I’ll take 4-5-6-7

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Not great

Oh baby, I’ll take that one.

Somehow I’ve managed to go negative money. Maybe they’ll pay me not to race?

Me too. We can start a negative franchise

Let’s sell shares while the going is good.

I got slaughtered out there. :joy:

It’s Baku which means your guess is as good as mine as to who to pick!

Pretty happy with my team but equally the podium could be all midfielders…

It’s butchering time again. hahaha

Only one of my drivers this week is eligible for the star, spending that money.

No need to flex :expressionless: I’m still at $100m

I basically just picked all the cheapest drivers. It’s discount formula racing for me.

I give up. Barely over half way 3x dnf already :roll_eyes: