Best oil for X30

Hi there, i’m looking for a good oil mix for my x30, i been using Shell Advance but i’m not sure if it’s the best option.

Some opinions about it? thank you!


I use this one : ELF HTX-909 - GREAT PRICE!! synthetic motor oil on Offer - Buy Now on

But many in my area are using this :


I run Xeramic Castor Evo because it’s what the local kart shop recommends. 16:1 which if I remember correctly is 8oz per gallon

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Shell M is perfectly fine. Since it’s a castor based oil you may find increased carbon build up, but otherwise it’s a tried and tested oil for two stroke kart racing applications.

You’ll always get lots of opinions on oil, most have a personal preference and an anecdote to offer with it. But not much else in the way of actionable information.

Do you have an engine builder that takes care of maintenance for your X30? If so, you can save yourself hassle by following the ratio and oil they recommend. If not, it’s worth starting to build a relationship with one.

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Are you in the USA? If so Iame recommends
ELF - HTX 909

Uspks and Skusa have it as the spec oil for all X 30 classes. Mixing ratio will be one (1) liter of HTX 909 to five (5) gallons of VP Racing Fuel MS98 (6.76oz per gallon).

Even if you don’t race in the Uspks or Skusa sanctioned races, it is highly recommended by IAME, as it will increase the engine longevity, In Europe they also recommend Wladoil.

Since the best engine tuners in the Usa will have a lot of experience by racing uspks and skusa with the X30, it may be another reason to standardize on Elf if you ever want to use them


Thank you all for all your answers, i’m in Europe so my Name x30 is EU specification, and here we use 98 oct fuel.

Otherwise, some people here, is using Pakelo oil, apparently an italian brand and i thinking to try it.

Is there a reason nobody (except me :sweat_smile:) uses Wladoil?

Just curious :grin:

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If you can go with IAME’s recommendation for oil and ratio it’s one less variable to have to worry about on the days you’re scratching your head, trying to figure out why things are not quite running 100%.

Generally it’s not worth the effort experimenting with oils in my experience. From what I’m reading in this topic, If you’re moving from Shell M, might as well go with HTX 909 or Wladoil and drive with 100% confidence and go have some fun.

That’s a bold statement I’m pretty sure not sure is not correct. Please edit or redact it unless you have something to support it.

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Are people running 4% with Elf HTX 909 ?

Klotz Snowmobile Techniplate has been tested by JALOS and meets JASO FD; Klotz technical support over the phone confirmed that Super Techniplate would also meet that standard if tested but fewer karters look for it.

Mystik Sea and Snow JT-4 is also a JASO FD oil and it’s $20 per gallon

For Brian Madsen and Charles_Kaneb:
I repost here something I posted elsewhere:

Richard: in general, outside of the USA, many federations respect the cik-fia regulations, which has a list of approved oils.
for example:
Out of these, in Europe Iame recommends Wladoil, Elf and Lexoil, at 5% ratio. (Please review your X30 manual for the country you are in.)
Wladoil and Lexoil are not imported in the USA. Even the Elf HTX 909 was not imported into the USA until 2020. These are very high quality products, very expensive and with a very limited market size for even a giant like Elf to bother with. (After all, how many racing two strokes spinning at 16,000 rpms are left in the country?) .
As you may know, our efforts to standardize the oil in the Usa with Elf have finally been successful, with both Skusa and Uspks adopting the same rules for 2021 at a national level, which is great news! First, it is the best oil available in the Usa for our engines. Second, it simplifies the life of the whole driver/tuner/teams. If there were a problem, you can pretty much exclude oil quality/quantity. As you may know, we have been selling x30s all over the world for more than 15 years, and all our importers promptly advise us of technical difficulties. Unfortunately, very often they are caused by different oil brands used by different organizations. Really nobody wants the good name of their products damaged by lubricants that have not been thoroughly tested in all kinds of conditions for sufficient time, no matter how well they may perform on other engines.
As you say, airplane engineers do what the manual says, and for a reason. Iame has been making karting engines since 1968, maybe they should know by now which oil works best for their engines?
I hope to have explained the situation clearly,

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Hmmm… I have the old style x30, with upgraded parts. But i’m pretty sure the manual says 4%, wich i’m running right now (elf 909) but maybe i should run 5% from now on (i’m from EU) ?

Castrol A747, the cleanest oil I’ve seen.

Iame has a a website with all manuals in pdf files:

5% or 20:1 is the recommendation.

On other lubrication products/ratios, as they say : you pays your money, you take your chances…

Peace out

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My builder says use Motul 2T 8oz per gallon when not an oil spec.
I heard Uspks is now mandating Xeramic Castor Evolution 2T. Skusa I think is still spec’ing the elf HTX909. But spec oil in a series is about money for the promoter, not about your engine life… that doesn’t mean it’s bad oil, but it is chosen because the promoter gets $ for every entry from the oil peope (and tire people too).

Update: USPKS for 2021 is also now specifying Elf. Sorry for supplying bad info.

But surely if something happens to your engine because you’re using an oil not recommended by the manufacturer, yet you’re forced to use it, that opens the organiser to potential claims?

They aren’t spec’ing the wrong oil or bad oil… like hurt the engine bad oil. It just may not be the absolute best for maximum longevity or cleanliness or whatever… but it’s always proper and high quality.

Actually USPKS switched to the Xeramic initially (now Elf) because the engine builders had tested it and liked how clean it kept the engines and how well it lubricated, no necessarily because of a money deal.

That’s good to know! I figured it was about money. But for sure I know they would never specify something that wasn’t really good just for money.