Building out a karting van, how do you get to the track?

I want to build out a karting van that I can use to get to the track and not have to have a trailer. I want this to be a daily commuter as well since I am in the trades my little accent tends not to fit everything I need. Do you have any other vehicles you all use that would be better for mpg as a daily commuter? I’m curious what everyone uses to get to the track that does not have a trailer. There are some roads you can’t have a trailer on like the NY turnpike. Plus those van builds like awesome. What do you all use to get to the track?

The best one-man-band setup I’ve seen is an older-model Honda Odyssey, with the rear two rows of seats removed and a wooden platform added for the kart to roll onto at the same height that the kart sits on the kart stand. The kart has to have its rear wheels removed and replaced with wooden discs. Tools and spare parts go underneath the platform. It takes Bruce about 15 minutes to be ready to go on track.

If I were staying in uae I’d be doing the same with a Merc Vito 3.6, it’s more or less perfect for it.

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I bought a used 2012 Ram Tradesman edition for this season. It used to be a used telecom van with the ladder roof racks and shelves in the back. Fits the kart, stand, table, tent and all my gear with room to spare. It is absolutely perfect for karting and I empty it out after every weekend and can use as daily driver if needed.

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Is this an adult kart? Do you have to narrow the rear track width to get it in? What is the max width of the cargo area?

Pickup with a cap works great.

Setup time lapse at beginning of vid.

Yes, this will be an adult kart it’s a 2012 arrow x1E but I plan on getting a newer chassis in the future. I have no idea the max area I just shove it in and how it fits but ill measure it before I buy for this new build.
I don’t adjust anything right now, but this is also not my vehicle and is bad on gas so not good for a 3-6 hr trip one way

Is it watertight and just curious if you have another vehicle or this is also your daily?

Do you use it as daily or have another car how much were you able to buy it for

Yes adult Kart. No I don’t have to narrow. My width is 50" and it just fits

If an Arrow X1 is pretty similar to an X2 (what I have) it’s gonna be close. I’m over 51” with 7.1 tires on back.

I would love to see a build that uses a Transit Connect, NV200, Ram Promaster City, or something like that. Maybe they are too narrow or small.

I think it would be cool to build a place to chill and sleep almost like a mobile RV, a work van, and a karting van all in one compact vehicle. The only problem is figuring out if it’s wide enough.

Some more van ideas in here:

I had similar ski-bum fantasies. Good luck with the project!

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Thanks hopefully I get around to building it, tbh I need to finish the 1951 f1 truck I have first before I build out a van