Cool finds and good deals On Classifieds

Figured it would be fun to post some good or interesting deals we’ve come across.

I’ll start off with this. Regrettably the walled garden of Facebook makes it messy at best for this to be actionable.

CR250 with direct drive cases. 50 :horse:


Twin Reed jets for $1500. That’s an easy 50 shetlands on gas.


$2500 for a complete kart that has an easy 60, maybe even 80hp on tap.


This topic isn’t limited to opens, that just happens to be what I came across.

Good stuff James… Making my wallet itch.


I know right? That CR250 would be beast! Would take some tuning to make it work on a sprint track being direct drive, but once it gets on the pipe…bawaaaaaap :brap:

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Compete 206 kart in apparently good shape for $1300.


Originally posted in 2017, but still for sale and taking offers as of 4hrs ago.


TKart at 88% off :grimacing:


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88% OFF! :joy::joy::joy:

Some day when I retire from my “real job” of Karting for a living… i’m going UAS racing with the goal of actually building the ridiculous ideas hatched on long road trips with Andy. :grin:

Actually I want to start the UAS Sprint Series with two rules:

Chassis - open to anything that isn’t a Tony Kart Racer copy.

Engine - if you can think of it, it’s legal.

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@The_Karting_Channel (Andre) is shooting for something along those lines with this:

$1400 LO206 Birel. It says it’s in Chicago but pictures are from our local Norway IL track garages.



With A 4100 coil it should be A kid kart. If it is ,top speed should be around 35-40MPH. And if that A adult chassis its not legal. Price is about normal for an adult setup, not particularly A “good find”. IMO I guess. Mostly because if it is A adult chassis you have to change the slide and coil to run an adult class, hence more $$$. Just A few head scratch’s about that post that new comers need to be aware of.

Pretty unique and cool piece of hardware for $1250… A pair of “freighttrained” four strokes. Looks like it includes the mount too.


That’s not a kid kart, Tim. That’s an adult kart converted to sportsman or whatever.

A black slide is a $15 investment, 555718 coil is $100. $1515 for a Birel frame and an Lo206.

Where are some good places to sell online?

Have a look here. It’s a bit all over the place.