GoPro mounting options for karts

We have been told as of this week we can no longer have our go pro’s on our helmet. This frustrates me as I have found it to be the best place to mount the camera for a few reasons. 1) you can see the drivers’ hands and feet. 2) the body acts as a great shock absorber, providing very clear and not shaking video.
We mounted it on the front fairing and it’s very shaking and all you see is the front bumper and track. No hand/foot movement, and can’t see how well you’re hitting the rumble strips.

So looking for ideas on mounts and mount placement.

And I don’t want need to hear about the safety of helmet mounts. I called Snell this morning and while they are against helmet mounting, all of their reasons are anecdotal as they have done zero safety testing with the go pros.

Thanks in advance!

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I’ve actually seen a shoulder mount work well, mounted to a neck collar. Not the foam ones, but the more substantial models.

Not an option that everyone would be comfortable with of course, but I’ll see if I can track down the guy that told me about it.

Shoulder mount?

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I know it’s not much help but the latest version of the gopro has much better anti shake. I faring mount and it looks good, not too shaky at all.

So this is the hero6 with shake reduction on:

We have a go pro 5 and a fairly bumpy track.

I wonder how comfortable that shoulder mount would be? Especially for an 8 year old.

I’m guessing it would be a distraction. I have a hard enough time getting my 13 yr old to remember to put on his gloves.


Did they say if cameras could be mounted inside of the helmet?

If not, my first thought is the cambox meca:

Here’s some pretty cool video from our very own @tjkoyen using it, and it captures the hands for sure. Not as good for the feet, but at least you’re getting most of the view!

Not sure if you could get away with it, but I’d give it a shot!

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The Cambox Meca is a nice setup, but it looks like the hammer is coming down on it from orgs. NKA and WKA have added verbiage to their rulesets to prevent it’s use:

Of course, you may still be able to use it in practice\testing depending on your track’s own safety requirements.

I’ve seen some mounts which come off some part of the kart slight behind and to the side of the driver, they might capture what you need. You are basically trying to get it in the same spot as being mounted on a radiator to get this view point.

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This is what I ended up going with:

If you want to capture the driver’s hands you’ll need to also purchase a longer arm.


That would make a neat “tirecam” too.

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I’m not sure it offers the some features like speed tracking that i like to use for teaching.

First thing I noticed! 206 vibes still mess with the Go Pro, although less than the driver fairing mount. I need to experiment with different places on the kart to mount this.

The new 360 cameras seem pretty cool. They offer a normal field of vision but can be panned 360. So, you could show a whole pass, focusing the camera pan action on the kart passing or being passed and then switch back to forward view.

FYI: 360 video is terrible if you plan on doing any editing. Only limited editing software available. Good if you plan on posting the entire race clip in 360 alone always.


Nice run @MSchu1! You should’ve had that one! How did he hold you off in that last dip corner?

I always liked that view, but the vibes definitely don’t help. I actually had one of my GoPro’s fail on me and GoPro support said it was because it was vibrating too much. IMO the fairing mount always vibrated more, but that camera still works. :man_shrugging:

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Im so glad this topic here. My fiance bought two cams. Im thinking about mounting on one the fairing and another pointed to the rear. Anyone else run two cams at the same time? Need help deciding where to mount these suckers and types of mounts.

The rear cam isn’t so important in that you’ll likely have it in a small secondary window. Rear facing on radiator or the like is easiest. Racerender has 2nd cam ability, btw. Trying to get footage, data and everything synced is a challenge, however.

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Im mounting these on my son’s Jr sportsman kart. Im set on mounting the front cam on the fairing. For the rear, I was thinking of the seat post. These are mainly going to to be used for analyzing post race. He was also involved a minor crash over the weekend at the far end of the track. We couldn’t figure out what happened.

@dcorcoran combo of him braking just as late and not the best block pass on my part. I probably could have taken more room…

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