How do you Transport Your Kart? [Pic Topic]


(Emmanuel Baako) #61

Love it!!! Next time you go out, let me know how you arrange all your additional gear. Stands, tools, spares, etc. Always looking for ideas,

(M Martin) #62

I’ll try and snag a photo next time. But it was me my wife, and our 7 year-old (with his car seat)

We managed to fit the kart on the back with a 5-gal fueling jug on the seat. In the car, with half of the back-seat folded down I stashed:

  • big rubbermaid bin full of spares, tools, etc.
  • toolbox
  • RLV rolling stand
  • 10x10 EZ-up
  • all my driving gear
  • 5gal unopened fuel can

Honestly, I was quite surprised how much stuff I could jam in there and still have someone sit in the back seat.

(Emmanuel Baako) #63

That’s awesome. I’ll be sure to take a pic as well. I had both my 4 and 2.5yr old with me in car seats. All my gear fit in the trunk and the trailer. My rolling toolbox is maybe 1/4" too tall (the trunk glass presses against it, but not an issue closing it).

Kart on trailer.

  • 10x10 canopy, folding kart stand and fuel jug under kart
  • 6ft wide bi-folding table
  • 6gal compressor
  • Rolling toolbox
  • Rubbermaid bin with spares
  • 2 folding chairs
  • Spare tire for trailer (i need to mount this on the tongue)

(Michael Zahorski) #64

I would as well. My wife already wants to get one, but the money has to come first. She wants it to escape the heat of Texas during the summer racing months.

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #65

I like this. #commitment

(Bryan Hall) #66

I can’t blame you. I just gave up doing anything much this summer. Leadville Colorado needs a kart track for summer months… :wink: