How do you Transport Your Kart? [Pic Topic]

It’s a 2002 BMW 325i E46. The hitch receiver is just a regular Curt kit for my car with a 1.25" receiver. I decided to go cargo carrier instead of trailer for cost and convenience. A trailer is tougher for me to store at my house, costs more, and requires a trailer registration fee. Getting the kart on the carrier isn’t super fun, but it’s doable and I’ll go with it for the short term. I’m open to going to a small trailer in the future.

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I used to have one of those, too. Sometimes I wish I still did, then I remember how much work/maintenance it required to feel decent and am glad I replaced it with a kart.

Though, I think the tow capacity would be more than the Prius i currently drive.

OT: driving a friend’s Supercharged, S62-swapped E39

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Northern Tools Trailer, built with 4x4 pressured wood and plywood platform, kart stand goes inside, roll on and off.

I got lots of thumbs up and photo taken when I tow this rig! Lol…


Things to look out for on this trailer (I have the same one). If there are bumps, the tail light surrounds/brackets will crack and fall off. The fenders are also quite brittle, and I lost one when it cracked at both bolt holes - it might be okay with some rivets or other fasteners.

I have used more sturdy tail-light brackets and riveted on some plastic fenders since and everything seems ok now.

I have only had my setup for a little over a year and made it to 5-6 races in that time. During assembly i made sure not to over-tighten things, too.

Good luck, i’m digging that setup.

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that’s how we do


My early beginnings. Harbor Freight Trailer plus some Lowe’s wood, bolts and nuts. Took about a week er two-ish to build with a buddy of mine (he had the saw). Absolutely loved it!

image image


So what do most people do to secure a kart to the trailer?
I will be using a simple utility trailer with a food floor.
My concern is strapping it down with ratchet straps and tweaking the frame or something.
Are there any do’s and don’ts when it comes to how and where you tie down?

Hopefully picking up my new kart tomorrow BTW!!
I will post a pic if I do…if i’m allowed to post a pic…

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I’ve been going over my frame with straps (non-ratcheting) but have been told that I should change.

I believe the preferred method is over the tyres. At least that’s what I’m going to try change to. My set up is similar.

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When we would strap a kart down to the floor, we would put two used kart tires under the frame on the front rail and the seat rail, then strap it. That way it has some cushion so you can get it snug and tight where it isn’t going anywhere, but it also it’s got some give so the tires absorb some force.


I strap over the tires. Not sure what is best but it works for me.

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That’s oddly satisfying to look at.

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Thanks Dom. I’m sure someone will say it’s bad for the tires but we don’t move the trailer too often so they get strapped down occasionally. Plus I’m not sure my son and I are good enough drivers yet to notice.

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We strap down via the tires, too. What we do is use a set of tires that are at least 6 years old on possibly the cheapest wheels we could find. Maybe it’s overkill, but this way I never blame transport for my times (just the slow driver).

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Now how about some ideas on how you store and transport your helmets? I need to find a place to put our helmets. Right now they are on the passenger seat of my truck while driving and on the work bench when the trailer is park. Neither is great.

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Invest in a good gear bag and (well-padded) helmet bag and keep them in a spot where a bunch of stuff won’t bang into them. I transport my gear either in the truck or tucked into an innocuous spot in the trailer.

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Good helmet bag, and dedicated spot away from everything. Mine rides in the SUV.

I had put cabinets in my trailer, and the helmet fits nicely in there where it doesn’t slide around much at all.

Great work. What are those rack/mounting point things called?

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So I got my first Kart yesterday and this is how I got it home.
This isn’t really going to work for me unless I either have help from someone to help load and unload it, or if I get one of those fancy lift stands. I was hoping it would roll up and down the ramp, but it does not.
I could make a long set of ramps i guess. I think in the end the kart lift is going to be necessary for what I want to do.
Eventually I want to get an enclosed trailer, but the new kart cleaned me out. Even with an enclosed trailer with a fold down ramp I think the kart lift will still make things easier. (it would have to be a very long ramp to be able to push it on and off.) Didn’t really account for that when planning this out.