How do you Transport Your Kart? [Pic Topic]

It’s a 2002 BMW 325i E46. The hitch receiver is just a regular Curt kit for my car with a 1.25" receiver. I decided to go cargo carrier instead of trailer for cost and convenience. A trailer is tougher for me to store at my house, costs more, and requires a trailer registration fee. Getting the kart on the carrier isn’t super fun, but it’s doable and I’ll go with it for the short term. I’m open to going to a small trailer in the future.

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I used to have one of those, too. Sometimes I wish I still did, then I remember how much work/maintenance it required to feel decent and am glad I replaced it with a kart.

Though, I think the tow capacity would be more than the Prius i currently drive.

OT: driving a friend’s Supercharged, S62-swapped E39

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Northern Tools Trailer, built with 4x4 pressured wood and plywood platform, kart stand goes inside, roll on and off.

I got lots of thumbs up and photo taken when I tow this rig! Lol…


Things to look out for on this trailer (I have the same one). If there are bumps, the tail light surrounds/brackets will crack and fall off. The fenders are also quite brittle, and I lost one when it cracked at both bolt holes - it might be okay with some rivets or other fasteners.

I have used more sturdy tail-light brackets and riveted on some plastic fenders since and everything seems ok now.

I have only had my setup for a little over a year and made it to 5-6 races in that time. During assembly i made sure not to over-tighten things, too.

Good luck, i’m digging that setup.

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that’s how we do


My early beginnings. Harbor Freight Trailer plus some Lowe’s wood, bolts and nuts. Took about a week er two-ish to build with a buddy of mine (he had the saw). Absolutely loved it!

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