IAME Leopard: Excessive Oil and Smoke From Exhaust

Poland is a beautiful country, with a rich culture, traditions and extensive history. But we have no motorsport tradition.

Back in the 80’s and 90’s, there were very popular car rallies, thanks to sponsors, there were fans, television, etc. However, it all became very limited due to various regulations, economic events and many others. We have great drivers, it is not that in Poland nothing is required - Krzysztof Hołowczyc, Kajetan Kajetanowicz, Robert Kubica, Kuba Giermaziak, Jakub Przygoński and many others. Their success depends not only on talent but on finding, sponsoring and developing a career in Europe. Slowly, everything related to motorsport is developing in the right direction, as evidenced by Orlen’s support for Kubica and his starts in the DTM. Orlen is also starting to support Polish karting and other disciplines. Some disciplines, for example speedway, are popular again. Motocross was once very popular, now tracks are missing. It takes years for it to work well.

If you have the opportunity to visit Poland, it is definitely worth it. There are many interesting places to see and dishes to try :slight_smile:


It is nice to see successful Racers giving back to their native lands. Unfortunately in some places, it is the only or one of the few stimulus’ for the sport.

How are you measuring temp? Water or Cylinder Head?

I also agree with @KartingIsLife, watch your rear gearing for clearance from the ground. I smaller front sprocket will minimize the rear teeth needed to hit the same ratio range.

Cylinder head. Oryginal mounting point.

I made a guard brake disc and sprocket. Its pink because, this is my wife’s go kart :smiley:

How many place to ground I need for sprocket to be a safe ?

I would say not so much distance from the ground as much as hanging below the sprocket with a chain on it. Maybe 5 mm or so below lowest point of chain on sprocket.

Did you get anywhere with this? One question, I’m just after noticing your exhaust. Looks almost like you’re trying to run a shifter or reedster exhaust on it? Do you need to run the additional silencer for noise abatement?

I’ll try to drive tomorrow. I made a muffler because I have to cut down the noise, to have somewhere to drive. It must be quiet. I have no exhaust valve or gears. Its TaG

Gotcha, just wondering if that’s why you’re leaking so much oil. The exhaust system is designed to give a specific back pressure. Mess about with the exhaust you upset the back pressure.

Hey buddy,
I apologise if this is teaching you to suck eggs but take a look at this thread on hoe exhaust back pressure affects the unburnt gases on a 2 stroke


The engine will only operate correctly if it’s fitted with the correct exhaust, which should look like this as far I’m aware

I’d say the first thing you need to do to troubleshoot your excess unburnt mixture coming from the exhaust, is install the correct exhaust rather than one you made.

The cause of the problem so far appears to be that the engine is not operating in the RPM that it and the exhaust are designed for.
The silencer will change things a little, but it’s a fairly standard piece of kit for leopards etc where they are required.

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“Back pressure” if only it was that easy!!

I have stock exhaust. I only just added a silencersimilar to the original set


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Ahaha I saw this and thought what the fck kind of exhaust is that :rofl::rofl:

I think James is on the ball, get it up to speed.

Ok :smiley: its my workshop air ventilation system. I try ride with fiew new settings and let you know .

Unfortunately, it’s not looks good. I warmed up the kart on the stand, my wife made a few circles, then I made 2 fast circles, I wanted to pause and check its color, then adjust the carburetor. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it. While I was driving, the engine stopped. Then I guessed what was going on. Well, unfortunately what you can see happened. :frowning: I already have a lesson. It was necessary to start again with the settings like in the manual service. Unfortunately, we started driving from the last settings.

Where did you have the needles set when you started this session? Did you checked the Piston before the engine stopped? If so, did you see any wear at that time?

Yes, I saw the piston before this situation. There was ok, like a new, there was still a MoS2 layer visible. It was about L 45 ‘H 45/50’. I have these settings after the last ride on a different gear and spark plug.

That sound very lean on the low speed needle. I have typically run the Low at 75’-90’ (assuming"45’ " means minutes on a clock face) depending on air temp/pressure.

Yeah, I mean minuts open. How You have high speed needle? Can You show me photo your spark plug?

is the spark plug when the engine have faliure

List item

Your’s looks very clean, if not brand new. What plug are you using?

This is the plug I have been using since last winter. Only a handful of races and practice days. (Thank you Covid-19)

Last time engine was run was on the stand and never got up to temp so that is why there is so much oily residue. This is also the stock plug SKUSA runs in the X30 NGK r6252k-105, which I am sometimes forced to run with. Ideally you want to run the NGK BR8EG, BR9EG or BR10EG depending on air temp. The 8 in hotter weather, the 10 in cooler weather. The difference is how far the electrode insulation extends out of the plug. Less to cool, more to warm.