(k)ART pulse

So, how deep down the Reddit rabbit hole did you go? That site is dangerous to my productivity. :grimacing: :rofl:

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Very shallow, i felt the gravity and ran.


Good call! :rofl: More characters so I don’t get yelled at!

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Just to stir the pot, here’s some subbreddits that I enjoy:

Divorced Birds

Beans in things

Formuladank: f1 shitposts and memes

A cat that comics

I wish I had an opposum living on my property

Working on some new shirts for myself and my family to wear at the track. Gonna be a bit costly, but I’m gonna try out a place that does direct-to-garment instead of the traditional heat transfer or screen printing stuff.


I like! I will sport ine

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I’m gonna get a couple made in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

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Unrelated but I like this:

Possums are lit. My race team will somehow incorporate possums. Advance warning when I come a knocking for my team livery/suit order.

Maybe AI can generate you a possum driving a kart for your logo?

NGL that title is good! I really should see if ai can generate something useful


Penguin made for James by his daughter. It’s kart related in that she karts, too and James has a dyno, which begins with the letter “d” like duck which is almost a penguin.


That is most definitely an update to the 1970’s Shagg’in Wagon!! :rofl:

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I had to look this up. To note:

tter DTG or sublimation?

Sublimation printing works better on lighter colored fabric because of the way the ink blends into the fibers. To print on black or dark colors, DTG is a better printing method. Range of colors in the image. Sublimation has some color limitations, especially white.

Also sublimation from the samples I got were very similar to the heat press stuff that leaves that plastic look to the image.

Still not happy with some of the samples I received. Would love to get a DTG printer and do it myself but then I saw they are like $10k to start.

It blows my mind how cheap and good we have gotten consumer printers but anything remotely professional like plotters, garment, or graphics printers are so expensive.

Talking with the print shop I work with it doesn’t sound like the expensive stuff is any more reliable or better. Whenever I go to pick up my prints they are always complaining about some price of equipment.

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This is gonna be new to me. Embroidery looks very good but is somewhat limited in terms of what you can do, I imagine.

If my design works embroidered, I’ll go that way. If it ends up being representational with pics, I will dye-sub or whatever process works best.

My only issue with embroidery is the added thickness of where the logo goes. It normally causes the clothes to scrunch up and I hate the feeling of the backing patch against my skin.
Maybe I’m just a sensitive wuss :man_shrugging:

I hadn’t noticed that with the heavy Torq.

Ah for a suit… thought it was for a shirt. Suit is thick enough that you probably won’t feel it.

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My new shoes match your t shirt