Karting in all 50 States: Where Should I Race Next?

For michigan come race at East Lansing Kart Track. Bobby Haun Memorial Weekend. That would be a good way to knock out michigan. Or go run Grattan or Gingerman with AKRA


Tell us more about the ice event you’re planning on doing…

I don’t know much about the event itself, but it’ll be in front of people and should offer a unique experience! 206’s on an ice rink should be fun

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That seems incredibly cool. I like their poster, too.

It’s looks like the Spud Cup in Idaho is in your future lol.

Oh yeah that’s @NEkartingchallenge thing. Pretty cool stuff

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East Lansing is a fun track to drive and a nice facility. @jsipplracing, I heard rumblings the track might be resurfaced this fall. Do you know if it happened?

I wanted to go this year, but didn’t end up working out with the people I had lined up to get a ride from. A friend of mine just moved there this year, so we’ll be out there at some point in '24!

the man with the east lansing connections here is @Charles_Kaneb. I’m not necessarily sure if it’s getting repaved, but last year they made some improvements in the bumpy corners.

I’m not sure if you’d just come for a practice day but running a shifter around lansing is a fun workout. I’ve posted my video below for reference. It’s a busy lap, and I’m not a good driver, but it gives you the idea if you wanna bring your shifter to michigan haha

We ran there on an off weekend this summer. There had been some pavement work done but I was definitely glad to be wearing my ribvest! Knowing the bumps (like Sebring!) is the home field advantage!

No further repaving work at ELKT on the cards for this winter, as far as club racers have been communicated to anyway.

Definitely agree with the Bobby Haun Memorial Race suggestion though - fun weekend and nice party/camping Saturday night.


They repaved the two worst corners and don’t have plans for other changes - the track is in good shape.

I usually try to enter the biggest class at whatever event I go to, don’t think shifter will be on the cards for this one unless we start a huge social media campaign to get people there haha. Will most likely be 206 for me!

TaG Lite at East Lansing is a unique experience.

People run 10/87 reduction ratios!

if I get my shifter buddies together we may actually make a class. But when we go there on practice days, its normally 1, maybe two shifters there. They just run me with the TaG guys and it’s basically the same pace.

Keep me looped in! Making unique events for this journey is what makes it special for me, definitely would push hard to make it a big thing

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we’ll normally go there like on one of the first weekends they open for a chaotic day of practice… the track is packed. it’s a cool experience for how small the grid is. lots of karts in a small area… gives you that local track vibe.