Let's talk about Seat Position

(Ted Hamilton) #103

If you swap your brake and gas pedals, flip them around, and install “backwards” you may be able to get the pedal portion closer to you. You’ll have to adapt the connection at the brake pedal… Foot boxes (risers) can be made of sheet metal and riveted or bolted to the floor pan. I can fab a set here at work for a nominal fee if you can’t find them elsewhere.
Add a FAT 5* steering wheel angle adapter to gain another inch or so closer to you (every bit counts), and add any weights HIGH on your seat to help too. I’m on the lighter side, but relatively normal height (5’8") but I’ve had to resort to semi-unconventional tuning setups before. Really, though, I try not to deviate much because once you’re outside the factory “norms” you’re into self discovery land for tuning…

(Daniel Wilkinson) #104

Appreciate that Ted, I have asked a colleague at work about making a set, he’s looking into the design on the cad for a set so will see what he comes up with. I work at a engineering firm so if I can’t buy a proper set up look at making something either way but I appreciate the offer :+1:.
It does work out to be a pain sometimes being more vertically challenged than most :rofl:. Ah well least I’m taller than my old man.