Navigating AIM Race Studio 2 vs Race Studio 3

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I prefere race studio 2 :rofl: feel like its more options or is it just me?

RS3 Analysis can definitely do more than RS2, but the entire interface changed. I learned data on RS2, and my friend was telling me about the RS3 Analysis stuff and I tried to learn it but I have to basically relearn everything I was doing in RS2. Plus I’m out of the coaching/tuning side now so I don’t have a ton of reason to learn now, but if you’re looking at working as a coach/mechanic/tuner I would definitely learn 3.

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bur there are like no buttons… i feel like majority still use rs2

All the more reason to learn 3. If you can use the features in 3 that RS2 doesn’t have, that makes you more marketable to find customers.

Some example of the features?

I prefer RS3 in nearly all aspects. That said, occasionally I have issues with getting the maps (start/finish) synced across multiple drivers. RS2 had the GPS lap insert feature, but is there something similar on RS3 if the maps aren’t already synced?

I find RS3 way more user friendly, they made some things easier to do. Just silly things like it selects laps for you, disables out laps and in laps in the split report…

However, I found a major flaw in the lap time delta chart… so unless they fixed that in the updates I’ll stick with RS2 analysis.

Has anyone else found that the lap time delta chart doesn’t make sense, and tells a different story to the RS2 - which does make sense when you look at the speed trace.

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MY MISTAKE. NO ERROR I found what looks like a flaw to me, when comparing split time data and the time difference data in RS2. It would be surprising to find out that RS2 and RS3 uses different algorithms for calculations.

I use RS2, might be considered a heavy user, so I know my way around it. Tried RS3 but it required too much investment in time to navigate and I was always questioning RS3 or my inability to find the right menu or function. RS2 gets the job done.

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RS3 flat refuses to associate the track map with my sessions. I can load it, lap times are correct, start/finish is okay, it even shows the correct lap when I pick by lap, BUT it does not associate a distance to any of the data. I have to plot by time which is obviously useless if there was a spin or a bad corner or got held up by a kid in practice. I can even create and assign a new track from the data, but it still doesn’t work for distance.

I ended up just giving up. 99% of the time I am looking for the same data and comparisons, so I am working on an automated PDF tool. That’s nearly ready for its own thread once I finish a few more features.

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I think Peter Kraus is the Aim representative in the us. He is very active in a forum and they have youtube videos showcasing RS3.

Maybe we should invite hom to KP and give some insights and tips related to karting…

Yeah, where every other manufacturer of everything provides documentation, they have a video series showcasing features on an early release version. Those videos are useless for showing you how to use RS3, they just tell you what it could do if you can find where they moved the button on your particular software version

It does seem strange, because surely it’s the core function of data.

RS3 drives me nuts. It always screws up the track sectors for me. It decides what track a session was on and it can’t be changed (from what I can tell). Wouldn’t be too big of an issue apart from that it randomly assigns incorrect tracks almost every time. Our club usually does 1.5 out laps before a standing start. There is a shortcut in the track that we take after completing the first full lap. This screws up RS3 all the time as it doesnt know what track it is or certain laps just won’t be “registered” as having a time in the same split as another lap in the same sector. Our track is ran in both directions and with three different layouts. RS3 never understands what is happening.

It is honestly so frustrating to use. It is 2023 and we shouldnt have to still be dealing with terrible UI like this. I’m strongly considering moving to an Alfano next season. Again AIM, why is there still no Mac application or mobile app? It is insanely bad software (even if it is still the “best” option we have).

Yeah. I just gave up on RS3, it wasn’t worth the hassle. I do fine with the RS2. I’m using a combination of RS2 and GoPro Race Technology but not sure that it would work well with karts. GPS is highly over rated, if one considers the accuracy of the GPS data. A camera is way better.

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Not a good excuse but I’m old and less patient with technology than when I was less old. RS2 does nearly everything I need pretty well without me having to relearn everything.

That said, I do way less data than I used to and if I was still working in a pro setting all the time I would take the time to learn.


Like others on here I don’t do nearly as much data as I used to. I can tell RS3 is more user friendly or is supposed to be* but I struggle to do basic things, whereas with RS2 I’m just zipping everywhere super fast.

To your question, I think it’s actually one* of my favorite updates they did with RS3, but if you don’t catch it, it’s very confusing. Basically if you’re comparing 2 laps in RS3 you can “normalize” each lap relative to the other. This is different than RS2, which just forces you to normalize to the best lap (the best lap of the two is the flat line always).

It can be dangerous to use the time compare delta lines if you don’t understand this, but once you do, it’s a great tool because I’ve found some drivers find it presented one way vs another more intuitive.

I always use the analogy of the time tracker on F1 or NASCAR broadcasts, how it trends up or down, and if someone says “oh yeah I’ve seen that” I know I can show them that trace and they will intuitively understand what I’m trying to communicate.

I think the biggest advantage of RS3 if if you have the smartycam, which can link up to your data. You can see exactly where you are on track at a certain point in time. You can do things like check for brake point analysis, check if you’re using the full track width, etc…

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Have you ever noticed that the laptime delta in RS3 often doesn’t actually make sense when compared to the speed trace? It also doesn’t match the laptime delta graph for the same laps in RS2 (with fastest lapset as the datum).

Maybe they fixed it with an update, but I don’t currently trust the RS3 delta graphs.