New Father son team

edit: nm they are rubber. They kinda look like the large washers you’d use when mounting lead to seat.

Comet kart sales in the Midwest is a biggie in the online space

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Ayden is learning all about elbow grease and sweat equity today. Lol. Took the sides and back off to polish away some surface rust with steel wool. Need to get some new screws for the body work.


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Hehe. Good luck getting him to clean the kart after race. My son always disappeared with the other boys when it came time to clean!

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Yeah. See that happening Dom. He does that now with his RC car. The deal was that he cleaned it after each use. So much for that.

So I think we’re done for today. We took the sides and rear off. Cleaned everything up to the steering wheel. We’ll have to bleed the brakes on Sunday.

Based on what we did today I’m going to order some new screws for the body work and rear bumper and start looking at the engine everyone recommended. Beyond that it looks like we need a seat, fuel tank, and throttle cable so those are on the list as well.

Thanks a bunch for all of the input so far.

You are welcome. If you want to run stuff by us before you pull the proverbial trigger, I’m sure someone here can advise if its the right thing to get.

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Looked up the karting rules for autocross and it looks like the Briggs is the engine to go with.

I see world formula Briggs which is the slightly more powerful one, I think. 14 vs 9 hp I think.


World Formula, perfect! Good to see some rules for the class your thinking of. When the time comes I could put you in contact with a reputable Briggs engine build that I’ve known personally for manys years. Jim @ Fastermotors does a standout job. They have a World Formula at our local track and his a big supporter of our club here in Wisconsin.

That aside for now. Seeing you have a good set of rules to go by, you can focus on the the safety tech items needed for the kart chassis. Safety wire/clips for hardware, spindle nuts and the like. Making sure it’ll meet all those line items. And also driver safety; helmet, neck brace, clothing and gloves.
As James mentioned, you’ll need a sprocket carrier. To install that it would be best to pull the axle, at that time you can check the condition of the axle bearings.

I follow this guy on youtube, many here on KP probably do as well. Check it out, he also has a complete series on how-to assemble a race kart. This could be very helpful for you.
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Thanks for the link Dan.

After reading through the rest of the rules it looks like we have the option of the Lo 206 and Yamaha KT-100. Not sure if it’s worth jumping straight into the World Formula motor. Looks like there is a 35 pound minimum weight difference between it and the 206. My son only weighs about 98 pounds so not sure how much I’d have to make up with weights.

#autox. :grin:

Would you guys recommend these for the body panel screws?

Since your son is new and still light, I’d go lo206. If you guys get so inclined, he could race that too, maybe.

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Agree with Dom on the LO206. You need to add much less lead weight to meet the minimum driver/kart combined weight requirement. The LO206 is widely accepted as the standard 4cycle kart racing setup making easy to find parts and the like. There maybe be some carburetor slide restrictors need for his age bracket, look for that in the rules. Also, the engine must be sealed and have the correct up to date seal. Keep that in mind when purchasing.
I wouldn’t recommend the KT100, clutch and carb tuning is something on the 2cycle is something you don’t want to get into without experience help at your side.

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Those well work just fine for the side pods and driver panel mounting. You could also use hex head bolts and fender washer to get the same results. Cheaper and available at yoyr local hardware store, or Lowes and Home Depot. Use nylon type lock nuts.
The plastic conical washer style hardware looks nicer though.:wink:

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For the fuel tank, look for something like this. A belly pan/floor mount well be easier to install/remove than sourcing a tank that is designed to be mounted and held in place by the steering shaft posts.

Do you have a local kart shop or track in the area?
In comparison, here’s a tank designed to fit between be locked in place between the steering uprights.

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Thanks again.

The closest shop I’ve found is in Orlando which is about an hour away.

They are a tiny kart dealer if I remember correctly. Might be a good source to get your fuel tank at least.

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Okc is great. I love their speedy karts. They have a small store but I don’t know about their parts and the like. Maybe call em and ask? If not then, they would likely know of something local.

@Dedo Lo206 and Animal are different correct? An Animal is a modified Lo206 right? Different class entirely, correct? Animal is unsealed and methanol?

In the photo from the rule book they say Lo206 and/or? Animal at 275 lbs. I would have thought that animal is more powerful than lo206.

Maybe misunderstanding but it’s confusing. Is it you can run an animal or lo? Or are they referring to animal as Briggs and Stratton lo206 Animal?

briggs-2020-206_rules_final_ver.pdf (2.0 MB)

WKA has rules for both the LO206 and Animal.