New US Chassis Manufacturer...TrackKart

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Spotted in a Facebook post. Anyone familiar with them?

Looks neat, has some interesting features. Including this seat position adjustment setup:

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Interesting looking piece. Lots of unusual bits. Nice to see something that isn’t another Parolin off-the-shelf-put-our-stickers-on-it job.

TrackKart is not the most exhilarating name though… Curious as to who is behind this.

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WAIT! I think I may have some insider knowledge here…

I knew I recognized that decal kit design… Because I did it. Under a different name though. I’m going to bet that this is Jeremy Warren’s latest effort. He previously has done some one-off karts (under Ultimate Kart naming) that have seen action at New Castle, including a pretty gnarly kart that had the radiator mounted sideways and worked wonders on New Castle’s long straights…


Ooo, now I want to know more. :wink:

I second Davin. Am also very interested in this sideways mounted radiator @tjkoyen

Also, looks like TJ is correct. Jeremy Warren was at Daytona Kart Week, ran 206 Senior in his Track Kart to a 4th place finish Saturday. I can’t find anything else but am still very intrigued by this

Has a very nice caster camber system and cam based rear ride height adjustment too.

And the frame at the front of the kart with the two torsion bars is interesting.

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@KartingIsLife, did we also make sure to add TrackKart to the all up chassis thread that we have?

No “we” did not but good call.

/edit… Looks like it’s there now:

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I really like what they’re doing with the suspension and seat adjustments, looks like a bunch of great ideas. Any idea why the support/torsion bars for the front end are adjustable/removable? Seems like this area is going to see lots of stress and you’d want more support there. I get bars across the front that can be removed for tuning, but the bars on this chassis can’t be left out because the front end would be unsupported. Thoughts?


You can probably fit different stiffness torsion bars there, so it’s still a tuning tool like in a conventional chassis. But in this one, you HAVE to have the bars in.

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Kind of what I was thinking, I guess I just don’t like the additional failure point. I’d worry about what happens if a bolt loosens up. I know on a race weekend I’m keeping up with 2 karts by myself in addition to driving, I’d hate to forget to check it before a session.

Yes Scott,TJ is correct. You must leave the bars in. BUT! At this point there will be 4 selections available . After the Mayors cup race in Anderson which the track was terrible rough i figured something would come loose but didn`t bottom of seat drug broke half into but he still won. seen others with many different issues. Its all about selecting the right grade,type and size of fastner you use for the application,and not to forget the maintenance responsibility.