Official "Bert's 2023 Fantasy F1 League" Thread

Also much like fantasy football. Makes the race so much more fun to drive when you’re rooting for people other than “your” team

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Oooo. Alonso no longer eligible for star driver

I’ll take a second place, thank you Alonso, Aston Martin, and Max

Remember to check your line ups before qualifying tomorrow. Star driver resets after every race (I think) so remember to check that.

Aston Martin hype train full steam ahead. Alpine looked strong in practice today as well.

I’m in two leagues now and have two vastly different teams, so this should be interesting.

Same. My other one fared much better last race :joy:

My drivers qualified 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 :palm_down_hand::crystal_ball:

My genius picks

Saudi Arabian GP in the books.

Major props to Jesus for scoring both the most points and most cash increase. That performance moves Jesus from 8th all the way up to 3rd in the league!

Really close battle all around right now. 114 points separates 1st from 10th.

Looks like a lot of us got Strolled in this one. Those smoking brakes on the grid were foreshadowing of the failure to come.

If you click on Race Report, there are some cool stats in there. 430 (not sure who this is tbh) had the most efficient line up of the race. Most points per dollar spent.

Just a heads up, looks like a couple people forgot to pick a star driver. Remember to double check before quali!

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My other league team did slightly better… We need aero development updates for the team in this league.

Btw, best lineup of the week in the mega league was:

MAG (Star)

for 992 points.

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It’s me :grin::grin:

20 char

So I’m hosed. Cause I am due to replace a driver. But I lost a driver. But no change in my cap. So I can’t sign a driver as it says I only have 1.2 mil.

So I guess I have to cut a driver so I can hire some.

That sounds funky; like kind of a bug in the game rules. I guess to avoid that, we shouldn’t necessarily exhaust our bank funds every race. Just so I’m understanding correctly, how do you only have 1.2m to spend when even the cheapest driver is still worth 5.3m? The driver that got released should give you money to play with right?

EDIT: I’m realizing that there actually is a bug. I lost 3 drivers this week and only have 4m to spend. I imagine they’re working on this.

Yes I lost 13.8 mil in Kmag. But my spending allowance stayed the same

That’s why I am confused

Yeah, that can happen if you have a completely terrible weekend and lose a lot of value. It’s a compounding effect. I think drivers with less races left on their contract are cheaper to cut.

GridRival Discord lighting up with people complaining about their bank balance. As I understand, they are looking into it.

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Gotta be a bug. No one’s value drops 13.8 mil in one weekend. Especially KMag who gained 1.8 mil in value according to my app.

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I have gained 13 mil in value. And lost a 13m driver. I should have some money available

It wasn’t that I lost 13 mil. But Kmag contract ended. But my money available didn’t change