Post a cool Pic of you in your Kart

(Gary Campbell) #203

Short story of my father’s 71 year old racing life with my 36 year old life added in. I grew up with him running laydown 100cc Yamaha. He managed to win several Championships and put on a great show at Rockingham NC before the Saturday Busch race, bringing home a big win against people from all over the U.S. Life changed, kids had school functions, etc. so we put the kart away.

We traveled the roads collecting Nascar memorabilia and actually got into collecting Hot Wheels cars too. Fast forward to 2016. I decided I wanted to go racing since I had never held the wheel in competition. We decided to go dirt racing since there was a track 30 mins from the house. We won the 2016 local Championship and finished 4th in the 2017 season. In between dirt races we traveled to several WKA events and ran across people he raced with years ago that were still doing it. 2017 Daytona was getting close and I got the opportunity to drive a TaG kart in my first road race outing. What a freaking blast!

Early 2018 we got a line on a Margay 206 so we picked it up! I ran the 2 cycle for a couple more races and experienced engine problems in the Saturday race at VIR. I gave the motor to Pete Michel to take home and rebuild on Sunday after we celebrated his 70+ year Birthday Saturday night. I talked with him Monday and Tuesday about the motor. He got stung by a bee the end of that week and passed away.

This changed my tune and I decided to find a 206 kart so I could run with my father. Our first race together was Savannah in October. I get goose bumps thinking about the experience! I wish you guys the best in getting another father/son team going! We will be in garage 54 at Daytona next week. Come see us if you happen to be there! If not maybe we will cross paths at a WKA event in 2019!

(Nicholas Bruno) #204

Makes me realize just how dirty my bodywork is :frowning:

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #205

Hahahahahahahahahaha. I love it ^^^^^

(Larry Pike) #206

Briggs L 206 class at OVKA club Camden , Ohio

(Joseph Costanza) #207

What were the temperatures like? It’s still freezing in the finger lakes ny; wishing I was somewhere to get on the track!

(Larry Pike) #208

Temps Hav been mostly mild I was in the kart practicing during thanksgiving weekend.

(James McMahon) #209

Welcome @yahama. I moved your pic to this topic, hope that’s OK.
I’ll move the vintage pic to our vintage section.

(Bill Clatty) #210

Jim, You are mistaken as that is not my picture. At the moment I do not own any vintage karts, however I am looking for a vintage sidewinder. Regards

(Ted Hamilton) #211

Cliff - what class is that? Looks kinda’ like a KA-100, but different pipe / airbox. Formula K?

(Jason Collins) #212

(TJ Koyen) #213

Komet/KPV/HPV looks like.

(Ted Hamilton) #214

Ah yes, I forget they went blackhead at the end…

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #215

I’m just excited, because I got a new suit, and I think it’s cool. Plus, oppo-locko.

(Jeff Scott) #216

(Syla Chann) #217

(Dom Callan) #218

Great photo! Kart looks mean and fast.

(Jack Mazury) #219

(Dan Dedering) #220

Grattan 2001 Tecumseh F200

(Dom Callan) #221

Sounds amazing. Hopefully Nick (my son) comes a knocking in my 70s to race with me again.

(Dom Callan) #222

Me doing what I do best… chasing other people!

I look like a dork with my white helmet and nosecone.