Post a cool Pic of you in your Kart

(Michael Zahorski) #243

This looks like HCKC, I know that track well. And I am pretty sure in the background is the winner of the K1 Speed World Challenge (Peyton Phillips).

(roy brewer) #244

(Emory Lyda ) #245

(roy brewer) #246



Carmen Brewer 46 yr old wife mom & now grandma…but began racing last yr in lo206 senior 1 podium 5th out of 18 yr end points which leads us to this yr…its a 2018 chassis running a P1 ka100 engine package graphics done by creative designs graphics…
absolutely love the ka package love the instant power coming out of tight turns so far its been alot of fun as of yesterday 2.8 hrs so need alot more seat time

(James McMahon) #247

Now that’s some badassery!

(stamatis stampelos) #248

Set up my vhsh dellorto and explain to my fellow driver Jorge the work that our flotter bowls have to do.

(Justin Dittrich) #249

Grainy, not the best quality, but there’s nothing like celebrating your first win :blush:

(Dom Callan) #250

Congrats. Close finish! I have yet to beat that particular patriot right behind ya.