Post a cool Pic of you in your Kart

(James McMahon) #263

“Lean out, not in. It’s not a motorcycle” is what TF told a friend of mine when he was coaching him. So leaning towards the outside of the turn.

I love how much more connected to the kart you feel when you lean like that as well. Problem for me is that my body is a tad more ”soild” before and it’s more than the ribs can take.

@tjkoyen might have some ideas of “lean” pics offhand.

(Kenny Schmied) #264

That is definitely one of my favorite TJ helmets! REALLY cool design!

(Alan Dove) #265

It’s an 89ish Wright (now cracked and in need of tlc ) with Sirio TT85. I now run a 1989 Kali with Parilla TT75s (reed valve) and a PCR TSV100 (rotary valve). By far the best karts to drive. Modern stuff is like driving tanks in comparison.

(Aj Horwell) #266

Modern karts definately feel like a tank. I come in at about 125kg in my 100cc

(Alan Dove) #267

125kg haha ridiculous! I wish I could get down to that

(Ron Kujawa) #268

Heading out for my first race.

(Aaron Hachmeister) #269

Thanks! The moment he sent me the first design I knew it would look absolutely killer!

That makes sense about the lean @KartingIsLife. I can’t say that I’ve ever felt more connected to the kart than before leaning but I’ve been recommended by many people that leaning to the outside helps with kart handling. This also leads into another discussion I’ve been meaning to make about my size and a couple differences I’ve noticed between my teammates and I that I think are a result of that.

(Luca den Hartog) #270


(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #271

(Michael Zahorski) #272

Here are some from a few weeks ago when we ran at Circuit of the Americas. You can see Turn 1 in the background of the one picture.
And we’ve got the KartPulse stickers on.