Post a cool Pic of you in your Kart

And I didn’t think I would like electric karts…


Not actually IN my kart but working on it.


How did weekend go? I saw you briefly in tenth and looking solid.

It went okay. I was riding around P10 in Saturday’s final, but got podded off-track with 2 laps to go and lost about 9 spots. Got 4 of those back with last lap crashes and 1 back on a last lap overtake to end P14. I was happy with that race for the most part, until the incident. Would’ve loved that top 10 finish I was on track for.

Sunday was similar, but the final was just a blender of chaos. I couldn’t get any momentum going, all the guys around me just wanted to defend and divebomb for P15, so we could never work forward with all that going on. I was up, down, up, down all race. Ended up P13 after penalties.

Proud that I was within a tenth or two of the top guys basically all weekend, just struggled in qualifying (as always) and that made it difficult to move up in such an aggressive field. Made up spots in every race, just not as many as I wanted to. Overall, I would say satisfied with the weekend and I think I proved to myself at least that I’m not totally washed up. The pace I had was really satisfying. Surely one of the toughest fields I’ve ever raced against. 60 karts on-track at once, best KA drivers in the country, I think I held my own alright given my current form.


The fellas commentating were pointing out that (in pre) the leaders were able to run off because it was such a fighty race 3-20. Not a whole lot of peace and love this time around.

I don’t think you’re giving yourself enough credit…great drive this weekend!

Race craft as a whole was lacking for every single group this weekend. The inability to think big picture and only looking at the next person in front of you lead to a lot of missed opportunity had people just been a little more patient.

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You’re a fortune teller. Should of said top 5… Don’t know why that comment stuck with me, but I giggled a bit when I saw the results coming thru on race hero.

Thanks Andy! Yeah it’s just the way the racing is these days at that level. So aggressive and sometimes shortsighted. It was fun to battle that hard for the most part, I just would have rather been doing it for 5th or so rather than 14th :sweat_smile:

Watched a good bit of the racing. That mid pack was survival of the fittest.

“I will absolutely take us both out and total my kart for 20th!” - KA Sr driver


Any links to videos of the races? I enjoy watching karting battles…it’s either that or watching the wife crochet when we wind down after work. Hard pass…pun intended :man_shrugging:

Kart chaser had some decent coverage.

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I know defending is always bad upfront, but is it happening a lot back in the pack? That would frustrate the heck out of me if a guy is defending for 15th instead of trying to work up towards the front.

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I’ll see if I have on-board, but yeah the entire field is defending or lunging the whole race. That’s KA Senior. I think I made about ten passes in the one race and ended up only actually gaining 1 or 2 positions from where I started.

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Finally found a photo of me on-track from the weekend.


Nice wheels! 20 char

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I really dig the livery/suit .

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TJ may have doubted his own speed. But I guarantee no one doubted his appearance.

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Not me but my son in his number 0 Margay Ignite in the infamous ‘Shitcane’ at the 2022 Clyde Grand Prix. He eventually passed the number 28 kart for fourth place in Light 206. H/T to Bad Goat Foto for releasing pics they took at Clyde for drivers to use. I’m still looking for pictures of me at Clyde.


Shitcane LOL

alison brie no GIF by The Little Hours Movie