Post a cool Pic of you in your Kart

The name is appropriate. The spacing of the offsets tightens (there are four offsets) an drivers tend to just send it and see what happens. There is a party with ~100 people at a house beside the ‘shitcane’. New t-shirt design every year. They’re supposed to drink every time there is a crash/straw bale broken/ whatever. They drink a LOT. :rofl: :beers:

THe most accurate description I have ever heard of how street race track builders slow down karts.


I didn’t crash there but was picking straw off my kart and me after every session. It was everywhere.

Some of the worst accidents I’ve seen in karting are from mickey-mouse chicanes. They rarely slow down karts, all they do is create a bottleneck. Applies to rentals too.

In Ireland, 2002 someone had a bright idea to add a temporary tire wall chicane on a road course (Mondello park) to “slow the karts down”.

The COC (Clerk of the Course) of the weekend was rallying and rallycross background (absolute legend at that too from what I recall) but in seeing the karts race he was worried about speeds, he thought someone would get hurt. (Sidenote, karts had been running there for 20+ years prior… the speeds were just new to him). So the decision was made to utilize the tire chicane made for rallycross events.

Once I saw the chicane I pulled my entry and after jumping the pitwall a second time to stabilize some poor kid, I was glad I did.

Here’s a vid of the short track that junior classes used:

Also: I thought it was a travesty that so many chicanes were named after Senna in F1.

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Holy crap that looks like a fast track!

Agree, those are for the birds. This is racing not driving in traffic. :slight_smile:

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Yep it is… and that was the junior track which was for <16 years old classes so they did not require leather suits.

Here’s a couple pics from this weekend’s Texas Sprint Race Series finale at SpeedSportz.


Sunday at New Castle.


That concerned look is me wondering how 12 heat cycle old MG’s are going to work on a 45 degree morning.


Sending kiddo out for the first session of the day.


Slapped a 206 together to get some seat time.


Liking the sprint car hoodie

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Beautiful day at the race track, except my kart is clearly not going in the direction I’d like it to


Well I guess the follow up pic is the answer!

Half the battle was won, regardless. :grinning:

Pick 2:

  1. Drove well.
  2. Had strong kart.
  3. Pleasant weather.

What track? 20 char…

Is that “your kart” or a rental. . . :thinking:


Motorsports Country Club of Cincinnati.

Morning “warm” up isn’t super accurate. It was definitely chilly. It’s always good to race with Chris and Andy. One of these days I’ll get the better of you guys. But not quite yet.

This is where I usually hang out.


PSGKA. Haven’t been out there in a while.

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