Post a cool Pic of you in your Kart

(Justin Dittrich) #122

Got a new suit this weekend to go with my new kart! :call_me_hand:

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #123

That looks sweet. :slight_smile:

(Rob Bone) #124

Grip it and it rip!

(Dom Callan) #125

Why is it that 4 stroke karts actually start when you pull on the cord but a lawnmower takes 30 tries?

(Rob Bone) #126

It’s one pull when you know what you’re doing. :rofl:

(Hugh Janis) #127

Some images from the Corkscrew Nationals.

(Justin Dittrich) #128

I’m digging the stache!

(Nathan DeMarco) #129

Me out front with the legendary air cooled IAME Sudam 125. Followed by a Reedjet 100, Twin TT75’s, The BRC150 in white, then a 2012 KTM 350cc four stroke.

(Noah Koenig) #130

First top ten at Route 66!Looking higher at Road America!:point_up:

(James McMahon) #131

My kart, but not me in it. Finally got to have a proper day at the track with my daughter. Looking forward to many more.

(Dom Callan) #132

That’s a great photo.

(Danny Corcoran) #133

Man these are some cool looking karts above me! Let’s see how mine do:

First kart. Mid 80’s Margay.

Second Kart. Early 2000’s Margay that won me my first local championship!

2016 Margay Brava 1.15ck with my Red Bull Camo Bull inspired livery

Last but not least, my current kart…the 2018 MPG Motorsports BV2.1, livery designed by me, kart made by my buddy Brett Vincent. A true “my parents garage” kart!

(James McMahon) #134

Your first kart is the same racing number mine was. Some mean looking liveries you have there.

(Danny Corcoran) #135

Thanks man! Great minds think alike! Except I’m not sure which number you’re referring to since I’ve had far too many. lol

(James McMahon) #136

Your flathead with number 7.
Here’s my first kart. 100cc TT27 on a '91 Wright.

Leathers were mandatory for road racing. Hot damn they were sexy.


(Dom Callan) #137

You should sell posters of that image. That is so badass. If I saw you in the pits I’d be intimidated. See the similarity?

(Danny Corcoran) #138

Mmm loving the leathers. My dad used to run my 2nd kart a few years back with a leather jacket and jeans. Looked like a BA!

(Greg Meller) #139

First race day. Well, night actually. Track was run in reverse direction which i’d never seen before. 4th in all heats, 3rd in the final resulting in 3rd overall for the round.

What a blast!!! Sore as hell today.

(Bryan Williams ) #140


(Johan Svahn) #141

1987 age 10. Ended driving karting 1993 and move up to formulas.

2018 Iame Series Finland X30 Master at age 41 :grinning: